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World Resources Institute Tender No: World Resources Institute Prequalification of Suppliers for the 2023-2025 Financial Year

World Resources Institute Prequalification of Suppliers for the 2023-2025 Financial Year

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID World Resources Institute Prequalification of Suppliers for the 2023-2025 Financial Year
Current Status Awarded
Publish Date May 25, 2023
Closing Date June 23, 2023 at 5:45 p.m.
Supplier Access Open to all
Fee Per category Kes 2500.0

Supplier Instructions

Refer to the attached Supplier Guide.

2. Categories

  1. WRI/PQ/001/2023-2025 - Supply & Delivery of Laptops, Tablets and Related accessories

  2. WRI/PQ/002/2023-2025 - Supply & Delivery of Mobile Phones and related accessories

  3. WRI/PQ/003/2023-2025 - Supply and delivery of Office Furniture

  4. WRI/PQ/004/2023-2025 - Supply of general office equipment, items and supplies

  5. WRI/PQ/005/2023-2025 - Supply of drinking mineral water and water dispensers

  6. WRI/PQ/006/2023-2025 - Supply of Newspapers

  7. WRI/PQ/007/2023-2025 - Supply & delivery of office stationery, printing, promotional and Visibilty materials

  8. WRI/PQ/008/2023-2025 - Supply of Refrigerators , Freezers, Kitchen appliances

  9. WRI/PQ/009/2023-2025 - Supply of Office Stationery

  10. WRI/PQ/010/2023-2025 - Supply and Maintenance of ICT related Equipment - Networking Equipment and Related Accessories (Routers, Server cabinets, cables, Access points)

  11. WRI/PQ/011/2023-2025 - Supply and Design of Branded Merchandise and materials

  12. WRI/PQ/012/2023-2025 - Supply and Leasing of Printers and Printing Services (Printer, Scanner, Copier)

  13. WRI/PQ/013/2023-2025 - Supply of Toners- Black and Color

  14. WRI/PQ/014/2023-2025 - Provision of Legal Services

  15. WRI/PQ/015/2023-2025 - Provision of Travel agency services (ticketing, reservations etc)

  16. WRI/PQ/016/2023-2025 - Provision of Taxi and car hire services

  17. WRI/PQ/017/2023-2025 - Provision of Pest control and Fumigation services

  18. WRI/PQ/018/2023-2025 - Provision of hotels, conference and accommodation services (Hotels in Nairobi, Mombasa, Naivasha, Nakuru, Makueni, Eldoret for individuals and teams)

  19. WRI/PQ/019/2023-2025 - Provision of outside catering services

  20. WRI/PQ/020/2023-2025 - Provision of events management , decor services, PA system/DJ/sound,tents, tables, chairs etc. (all on hire) and other related party accessories

  21. WRI/PQ/021/2023-2025 - Provision of health and safety training, fire training, first aid training

  22. WRI/PQ/022/2023-2025 - Provision of photography, videography, and audio visual services

  23. WRI/PQ/023/2023-2025 - Provision of branding and signage works

  24. WRI/PQ/024/2023-2025 - Provision asset tagging/ coding services & asset verification services

  25. WRI/PQ/025/2023-2025 - Provision of Asset Disposal Services

  26. WRI/PQ/026/2023-2025 - General repair contractors for plumbing, electrical, painting works

  27. WRI/PQ/027/2023-2025 - Provision of office cleaning services

  28. WRI/PQ/028/2023-2025 - Provision of Medical Insurance Services for staff ( Underwriters & Brokerage)

  29. WRI/PQ/029/2023-2025 - Provision of Tax and Audit Consultancy services