Our story

We are champions of business process efficiency and excellence!

During the year 2012, we identified many gaps in the way procurement was being handled world over and huge cry due to limited data leading to lack of transparency and inefficiency due to manual nature of procurement processes

We then embarked on a journey to foster procurement excellence and as a result incorporated Bold Insight Ltd and later changed to Bold Insight Tech Solutions Limited - Bits. Bits is one of the leading business technology solutions in Kenya focused on providing procurement technology, enterprise resource solutions and consultancy on best practise.

Though our bias is business solutions, Bold Insight Ltd has since grown with footprints in Procurement and supply chain, procurement training and sensitization, supply chain solutions and ecommerce. Our team is composed of accountants, procurement and supply chain professionals and Software engineers. We have since expanded in African and Asian countries including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and India

Our products and services are classified into three main lines each with it’s unique expertise and tools to address the needs and requirements of our clients. These lines are:

  • eProcurement Solutions
  • ERP solutions
  • Business practice consultancy

Our purpose

Development of SRM eProcurement Software began year 2013 and the first version was released for beta testing in January 2014. It was developed to significantly improve the way organizations manage procurement processes.

With the huge operating costs that has crippled many organizations in Africa due to high cost of doing business and corruption, we found an opportunity to help organizations tame corruption and source for goods and services efficiently thus reducing costs.

Transparency in sourcing processes and improve on spend visibility through smart data analysis contributes in a huge way in curtailing corruption.

SRM is positioned as a high-end software package that enables businesses to manage sourcing and communication with suppliers electronically.

With our mandate for improving business efficiency through automation, we have continued to create new solutions and seek collaborations for new solutions for our valued clients