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as buyer on srm Watu Africa

Watu Africa

Watu Africa

as buyer on srm AIC- Cure International Hospital (Cure Kenya)

AIC- Cure International Hospital (Cure Kenya)

AIC- Cure International Hospital (Cure Kenya)

as buyer on srm ILRI - Ethiopia

ILRI - Ethiopia

ILRI - Ethiopia

as buyer on srm NW Realite Ltd

NW Realite Ltd

NW Realite Ltd


The SRM e-Procurement



Our platform ensures a transparent and auditable process, providing stakeholders with real-time access to information, bid details, and evaluation criteria. Gain real-time access to bid details and evaluation criteria, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the procurement process.



Say goodbye to time-consuming and costly manual processes. With our platform, you'll experience significant time savings, reducing the procurement cycle and associated costs. Experience significant time and cost savings with our efficient electronic processing solution.



We prioritize quality work and quality results whether reports or suppliers and their products. This is achieved through Comprehensive RFx management



The community within our eprocurement solution signifies a vibrant network where buyers and suppliers seamlessly interact, collaborate, and innovate. It's a space where stakeholders come together to share knowledge, streamline processes, and cultivate lasting partnerships. Through open communication and mutual support, our community fosters a dynamic environment conducive to driving efficiency, innovation, and success for all involved parties.

Supplier Prequalification

Streamline your vendor selection and vetting process with our Prequalification module. Easily assess vendor capabilities, compliance, and suitability before initiating procurement activities.

By thoroughly evaluating vendors upfront, you can ensure that only qualified suppliers participate in your sourcing initiatives, reducing risks and enhancing the overall efficiency of your procurement process


Our Tenders module empowers you to efficiently manage the entire tendering process from creation to award. Create detailed tender documents, invite suppliers, and track responses seamlessly within our platform.

With features such as automated notifications and bid comparison tools, you can make informed decisions and achieve the best value for your organization while fostering healthy competition among suppliers

Evaluation of manual bids

Ensure thorough evaluation and selection of bids with our Manual Evaluation module.

Seamlessly manage the complex process of reviewing and analyzing bid submissions. Our intuitive interface allows evaluators to assess bids based on predefined criteria, collaborate with team members, and generate comprehensive evaluation reports.

By centralizing the evaluation process, you can promote transparency, consistency, and fairness in vendor selection

Training and Sensitization

Work with us to improve your supply chain process. Our team of consultants in finance and supply chain will walk with you to reduce spend while improving on quality of your suppliers.

  • Supplier development support
  • Thought leaders procurement and Finance.
  • Supplier performance management
  • Procurement best practice

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