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Untold Kenya Tender No: PREQUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS 2023-2024 FY


1.General tender Details

Current Status Awarded
Publish Date Feb. 9, 2023
Closing Date March 7, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.
Supplier Access Open to all
Fee Per category Kes 2000.0

Supplier Instructions

Refer to the supplier guide

2. Categories

  1. UK/01/2023 - Supply of general office stationery and office supplies

  2. UK/02/2023 - Design and printing of office printed stationery, IEC communication materials, branded and promotional merchandise

  3. UK/03/2023 - Supply, maintenance and repair of computer hardware and software, printers, UPS’s, laptops, LAN and other ICT equipment/accessories

  4. UK/04/2023 - Supply of office furniture, furnishings and fittings

  5. UK/05/2023 - Supply of electrical, electronic items, appliances, fittings and accessories

  6. UK/06/2023 - Supply of pharmaceutical, non-pharmaceutical and other medical supplies

  7. UK/07/2023 - Provision of office and compound cleaning services, including supply of detergents, disinfectants, and cleaning materials

  8. UK/08/2023 - Provision of designing, printing, photocopying and binding services.

  9. UK/09/2023 - Provision of Hotel accommodation, conference, and catering services

  10. UK/10/2023 - Supply of bottled water and water dispensing materials

  11. UK/11/2023 - Provision of air ticketing, tour and travel services

  12. UK/12/2023 - Provision of transport, taxi hire and car hire services

  13. UK/13/2023 - Supply and maintenance of audiovisual equipment, telecommunicationservices including PABX and phones, airtime

  14. UK/14/2023 - Provision of Security Services including guards, installation and maintenance of fire alarm equipment and security systems including CCTV, door access, metal detectors and related accessories

  15. UK/15/2023 - Provision of fumigation, pest control, garbage collection, solid waste and sanitary collection services

  16. UK/16/2023 - Supply of protective health and safety equipment, supplies, clothing

  17. UK/17/2023 - Supply, installation and maintenance of air-conditioning and refrigeration services

  18. UK/18/2023 - Repair and maintenance of office equipment, furniture & fittings

  19. UK/19/2023 - Provision of medical and general Insurance Brokerage services

  20. UK/20/2023 - Provision of team building and training services

  21. UK/21/2023 - Provision of event management (outside catering, decorations, tents & chairs, public address etc.)

  22. UK/22/2023 - Management consultancy services in research, performance contracting, job evaluation, baseline/end line surveys and strategic planning

  23. UK/23/2023 - Provision of photography and videography Services

  24. UK/24/2023 - Provision, installation and maintenance of Fire alarm system, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers

  25. UK/25/2023 - Contractors for small works (partitioning, repairs, paint, plumbing and demolition works).

  26. UK/26/2023 - Supply and delivery of building and hardware materials

  27. UK/27/2023 - Provision of courier services

  28. UK/28/2023 - Provision of Internet services

  29. UK/29/2023 - Provision of Bibles and Spiritual Materials

  30. UK/30/2023 - Development of Biometric Application (fingerprints) services

  31. UK/31/2023 - Provision of Clearing and Forwarding services

  32. UK/32/2023 - Supply of dry food items, including maize, beans, rice, lentils etc

  33. UK/33/2023 - Provision of Legal Services

  34. UK/34/2023 - Provision of Audit Services

  35. UK/35/2023 - Provision of packing bags and gum tapes (for the cereals)

  36. UK/36/2023 - Provision of Architectural designs Services

  37. UK/37/2023 - Provision of Structural Engineering Services

  38. UK/38/2023 - Provision of Quantity Surveying Services

  39. UK/39/2023 - Provision of Interior Designs services( Fittings)

  40. UK/40/2023 - Provision of General Construction and Civil Works services including Electrical, Plumbing and Tiling