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Shining Hope for Communities - SHOFCO Tender No: SHOFCO Suppliers and contractors Prequalification from Year 2022 (INVITATION)

SHOFCO Suppliers and contractors Prequalification from Year 2022 (Invited Suppliers Only)

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID SHOFCO Suppliers and contractors Prequalification from Year 2022 (INVITATION)
Current Status Awarded
Publish Date June 28, 2022
Closing Date July 6, 2022 at 5 p.m.
Supplier Access By invitation
Fee Per category Kes 0.0

Supplier Instructions

Review Supplier Guide for detailed instructions

2. Categories

  1. SH/001/2022 - Supply of food stuff (rice, sugar, wheat flour, cooking oil etc)

  2. SH/002/2022 - Supply of assorted meats; chicken, beef, mutton, pork, fish

  3. SH/003/2022 - Supply of assorted vegetables

  4. SH/004/2022 - Supply of charcoal

  5. SH/005/2022 - Supply of office furniture, fittings ( including repairs) and equipment

  6. SH/006/2022 - Supply of general office stationery

  7. SH/007/2022 - Supply of school, clinic staff uniforms and linen/shoes

  8. SH/008/2022 - Supply of fortified/blended flour and high nutrition supplements.

  9. SH/009/2022 - Supply of publication works including advertisement, Public address systems, audio-visual equipment including screens, projectors- and related equipment

  10. SH/010/2022 - Supply, delivery, installation, maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipment, reagents, tests and related consumables.

  11. SH/011/2022 - Supply of medical equipment and surgical supplies (non-pharmaceuticals), including installation, training and maintenance

  12. SH/012/2022 - Supply of pharmaceutical products

  13. SH/013/2022 - Supply of milk

  14. SH/014/2022 - Supply of toiletries, laundry items an detergents (Vim, Harpic, Airfreshner, Omo, toilet balls, toilet brush, etc)

  15. SH/015/2022 - Supply of bottled water and water dispensers

  16. SH/016/2022 - Supply of musical instruments

  17. SH/017/2022 - Supply of assorted school books (text and exercise books)

  18. SH/018/2022 - Supply of water, sanitation and hygiene equipment (WASH)

  19. SH/019/2022 - Supply of sports gear (footballs, skipping ropes etc)

  20. SH/020/2022 - Assorted Supermarket Supplies

  21. SH/021/2022 - Supply of Plastic Chairs

  22. SH/022/2022 - Supply of asset tagging bar codes and provision of tagging services

  23. SH/023/2022 - Supply of Tents

  24. SH/024/2022 - Supply of branded promotional items (both paper and non-paper)

  25. SH/025/2022 - Supply of water sanitation supplements i.e. liquid and solid chlorine, aluminum sulphate, water cartridges, aqua tabs etc

  26. SH/026/2022 - Supply of sanitary pads and diapers

  27. SH/027/2022 - Supply of PPEs

  28. SH/028/2022 - Supply of Kitchen items and kitchen wares

  29. SH/029/2022 - Supply of Tissue Paper, Kitchen Towels and Serviettes

  30. SH/030/2022 - Supply of undergarments

  31. SH/031/2022 - Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of alternative energy (solar)

  32. SH/032/2022 - Supply, installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment

  33. SH/033/2022 - Supply, installation and maintenance/repairs of photocopying/printer equipment and accessories (including leasing of document and printer services)

  34. SH/034/2022 - Supply, installation and maintenance of generators

  35. SH/035/2022 - Supply, installation and maintenance of ICT equipment (Servers, Routers, Switches, Wireless Access Points, computer network, cabling, infrastructure, data communication)

  36. SH/036/2022 - Supply and maintenance of software and software licenses

  37. SH/037/2022 - Supply, installation and maintenance of CCTV, access control and intruder alarms.

  38. SH/038/2022 - Supply and delivery, repair, maintenance and servicing of telecommunication equipment and accessories.

  39. SH/039/2022 - Supply of computers, computer hardware, printers, scanners mobile phones and related items, including preventive maintenance

  40. SH/040/2022 - Supply of genuine toners and cartridges

  41. SH/041/2022 - Supply of pipes and fittings (G.I pipes, PVC pipes, Upvc pipes etc)

  42. SH/042/2022 - Supply of Sewing machines inter alia including maintenance

  43. SH/043/2022 - Supply of gas (cooking gas, oxygen, LPG etc), including refills.

  44. SH/044/2022 - Supply of fuel (petrol and diesel, oil etc)

  45. SH/045/2022 - Supply of motor vehicle tyres and tubes

  46. SH/046/2022 - Supply of general hardware items, electricals, tools and plumbing materials

  47. SH/047/2022 - Supply of agricultural tools and equipment

  48. SH/048/2022 - Supply of agricultural inputs i.e seeds and fertilizers.

  49. SH/050/2022 - Provision of Biomedical Engineer Services

  50. SH/051/2022 - Provision of clinic and general waste management services, including garbage collection

  51. SH/052/2022 - Provision of Quantity Survey (QS) Services

  52. SH/053/2022 - Provision of mechanical/garage services (repair and service of motor vehicles/motorcycle services) countrywide

  53. SH/053/2022 - Provision of mechanical/garage services (repair and service of motor vehicles/motorcycle services) countrywide

  54. SH/054/2022 - Provision of general cleaning services

  55. SH/055/2022 - Provision of hydrogeological services and borehole advisory

  56. SH/056/2022 - Provision of architectural and interior design services

  57. SH/057/2022 - Provision of electrical services

  58. SH/058/2022 - Provision of repairs and maintenance of fire hydrant/extinguishers services

  59. SH/059/2022 - Provision of travel agency services, air ticketing and travel arrangements (IATA registered only)

  60. SH/060/2022 - Provision of transport services (PSV, Vans and commercial trucks, car hire, lease and taxi services)

  61. SH/061/2022 - Provision of transactional advisors and asset valuation services, accountants, external audit and tax consultant services.

  62. SH/062/2022 - Provision of research, survey, and other consultancy services

  63. SH/063/2022 - Provision of fumigation and pest control services

  64. SH/064/2022 - Provision of clearing and forwarding services

  65. SH/065/2022 - Provision of legal services

  66. SH/066/2022 - Provision of auctioneering/asset disposal services

  67. SH/067/2022 - Provision of insurance services (underwriters/brokerage)

  68. SH/068/2022 - Provision of sanitary bins including disposal services

  69. SH/069.2022 - Provision of courier services - inter county and international

  70. SH/070/2022 - Provision of Hotels, Team Building and event organizing services

  71. SH/071/2022 - Provision of Ambulance services

  72. SH/072/2022 - Provision of civil works (large and small works) in building construction, pipe laying, including renovations, office partitioning and general refurbishments and building works

  73. SH/073/2022 - Provision of borehole drilling, equipping, electro-mechanical works and rehabilitation

  74. SH/074/2022 - Provision of fabricating, welding and joinery (carpentry) works

  75. SH/075/2022 - Provision of construction and supply of prefabricated containers

  76. SH/076/2022 - This category is reserved for local suppliers within the County (Women, Youth and People with Disabilities )

  77. SH/057/2022 - Provision of electrical services (Electrician with EPRA certification)

  78. SH/057/2022B - Provision of electrical services (Electrical contractors with EPRA certification)

  79. SH/074/2022 - Provision of fabricating welding works

  80. SH/074/2022B - Provision of fabricating joinery and carpentry works