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Nova Pioneer Kenya Ltd Tender No: Prequalification of Suppliers for the financial year 2023 - 2026

Nova Pioneer Prequalification of Suppliers

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID Prequalification of Suppliers for the financial year 2023 - 2026
Current Status Awarded
Publish Date April 20, 2023
Closing Date May 19, 2023 at 6 p.m.
Supplier Access Open to all
Fee Per category Kes 2500.0

Supplier Instructions

Refer to the attached Supplier Guide. Submission extended to 6PM EAT upon approval by the client

2. Categories

  1. NP/PQ/01/2023-2026 - Supply of milk and/or dairy products(Fresh Pasteurized Milk, Yoghurt, Ice cream, Butter, Cheese, Custard)

  2. NP/PQ/02/2023-2026 - Supply and delivery of meat and meat products (Cubed or diced, minced meat, sausages)

  3. NP/PQ/03/2023-2026 - Supply of dry foodstuff and general provisions (Wheat Flour, Maize Flour, Self raising flour, Sugar, Cooking Oil, Coffee, Drinking chocolate, Tea Bags, Vinegar, Squash, Popcorn, Salt)

  4. NP/PQ/04/2023-2026 - Supply and delivery of perishable foodstuff -Vegetables and Fruits (Cabbages, Onions, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Carrots, Spinach, Kale, Peppers, Garlic, Ginger, Cucumber, Sweet potatoes, Fruit in season)

  5. NP/PQ/05/2023-2026 - Supply of Dry Cereals (Yellow beans, Green Lentils, Black beans, Rice)

  6. NP/PQ/06/2023-2026 - Supply of Bread and Snacks (Fresh Bread, Biscuits, Scones, Buns, Croissants)

  7. NP/PQ/07/2023-2026 - Supply of fuel (petrol and diesel for a fleet), bottled gas and bulk LPG

  8. NP/PQ/08/2023-2026 - Supply of utensils, kitchenware ((Spoons, Plates, Cups, Forks, Jugs, knives, inserts, Mugs, cooking pots), kitchen equipment & installation(Brat Pans, cookers, freezers, microwave)

  9. NP/PQ/09/2023-2026 - Supply of Kitchen Food Contact Materials (Aluminium Foil, Cling Film, Serviettes)

  10. NP/PQ/10/2023-2026 - Suppy, Installation & maintenance of electronic appliances (Industrial Laundry Equipment, Water Treatment Plants,Generators, Cold Rooms & Freezer Room & bulk LPG Tanks)

  11. NP/PQ/11/2023-2026 - Supply of beverages and soft drinks/water (Drinking Water (bottled), Soda)

  12. NP/PQ/12/2023-2026 - Supply of Sports Equipment (all sports) & Playground Equipment, Indoor & Outdoor toys (Bouncing castles, swings, slides, see- saws, play houses)

  13. NP/PQ/13/2023-2026 - Supply and delivery of Drama and Music Festival Materials, Attire, Props, backdrops and Accessories

  14. NP/PQ/14/2023-2026 - Supply of office Stationery (Printing Paper, Whiteboard Markers, Box Files, Pencils, Pens, Erasers, Rulers, Flipchart Paper, Sticky notes, Paper clips, Staplers, Paper Punch, Scissors, clear folders, Whiteboard erasers,)

  15. NP/PQ/15/2023-2026 - Supply of commercial cleaning equipment, materials and detergents (Floor scrubbing machines, vacuum cleaners, mops, long handle brooms, brushes, buckets, dustpans, towels etc)

  16. NP/PQ/16/2023-2026 - Supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and clothing e.g. Uniform for Housekeeping, Drivers Security and Catering teams, gloves, safety boots, dust-masks and other protective clothing

  17. NP/PQ/17/2023-2026 - Supply of Laboratory Equipment and Chemical Reagents (School lab apparatus and reagents)

  18. NP/PQ/18/2023-2026 - Supply of School Infirmary Supplies (Medical Drugs, Medical Equipment and Accessories)

  19. NP/PQ/19/2023-2026 - Supply of Tires,tubes,batteries, oil lubricants, body fabrication, other vehicle accessories, motor vehicle spare-parts, repair, maintenance and servicing

  20. NP/PQ/20/2023-2026 - Supply and Installation of Curtains and Curtain Rods, Window blinds, Sheers and window frosting (Specifications to be provided to successful bidders)

  21. NP/PQ/21/2023-2026 - Supply of School Textbooks both Primary and Secondary books (List of recommended titles to be provided)

  22. NP/PQ/22/2023-2026 - Supply of Branded Exercise Books (Branded with Nova Pioneer Logo and Map of Africa)

  23. NP/PQ/23/2023-2026 - Supply of Newspapers, magazines and periodicals

  24. NP/PQ/24/2023-2026 - Supply of school uniform items in Nairobi and Eldoret

  25. NP/PQ/25/2023-2026 - Supply and body fabrication of school buses and Vans (51 seater, 33 seater and 14 seater vehicles branded as per school buses regulations)

  26. NP/PQ/26/2023-2026 - Supply of Laundry Bags and Laundry Trolleys

  27. NP/PQ/27/2023-2026 - Supply and Design of Promotional Merchandise and materials such as T Shirts, Notebooks, Pens, Diaries, Mugs, Cards, Certificates, Brochures Etc

  28. NP/PQ/28/2023-2026 - Supply and delivery of school and office furniture both wooden and metal furniture and repairs - Desks, Chairs, Stools, Bunk Beds, Mattresses, Lockers, Cubbies, Sofa'S, Shelving and Fittings (Specifications to be provided to successful bidders)

  29. NP/PQ/29/2023-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Toiletries and Accessories- Tissue, Hand Paper Towels, Serviettes, Sanitary Bins, Foam Soap, Air Freshener and Tissue Dispensers

  30. NP/PQ/30/2023-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Swimming Pool Treatment Chemicals and Related Products

  31. NP/PQ/31/2023-2026 - Supply, Delivery and Maintenance of Electronic Equipment (Water Dispensers, Iron Boxes, Microwave, Fridges and Water Kettle)

  32. NP/PQ/32/2023-2026 - Supply and maintenance of White boards and Information(Softboards) boards

  33. NP/PQ/33/2023-2026 - Supply and Leasing of Printers and Printing Services (Printer, Scanner, Copier)

  34. NP/PQ/34/2023-2026 - Supply of Printing Toners- Black and Color

  35. NP/PQ/35/2023-2026 - Supply and Maintenance of ICT related Equipment - Networking Equipment and Related Accessories (Routers, Server cabinets, cables, Access points)

  36. NP/PQ/36/2023-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Audio Visual Equipment (PA Gear, Projectors, Screens)

  37. NP/PQ/37/2023-2026 - Supply & repair of Laptops, Desktop Computers, Tablets and Related Accessories (Laptops, Desktops, Chargers, Laptop bags, Computer Mouse, UPs)

  38. NP/PQ/38/2023-2026 - Supply and delivery of general hardware materials and tools (Paint, Spirit, Thinners, Paint Brushes, Sand Paper, Nails, Repair tools)

  39. NP/PQ/39/2023-2026 - Supply of home science and art related materials (Knitting needles, play dough, sewing thread, ribbons, cotton fabric and other related materials)

  40. NP/PQ/40/2023-2026 - Supply of general items ( School canteen stock, Padlocks, Clocks, batteries)

  41. NP/PQ/41/2023-2026 - Supply and maintenance of fire safety equipment, fire suppression & detection system and related spare parts/ consumables

  42. NP/PQ/42/2023-2026 - Supply and maintenance of alarm services, wireless surveillance camera/IP CCTV,Security control operation services, walkthroughs scanners, biometric , guarding management services and access control systems

  43. NP/PQ/43/2023-2026 - Supply and maintenance of domestic water pumps & other related items

  44. NP/PQ/44/2023-2026 - Supply and maintenance of Solar related equipment- Solar water heater, solar street lights

  45. NP/PQ/45/2023-2026 - Provision of roadside Emergency Rescue and Support Service - medical and roadside resuce, ambulance / medical evacuation services. (Ambulance provision)

  46. NP/PQ/46/2023-2026 - Provision of Legal Services (Corporate Matters, contract analysis, commissioning.)

  47. NP/PQ/47/2023-2026 - Provision of Tours and Travel agency services (International and local travel, School Trips)

  48. NP/PQ/48/2023-2026 - Provision of courier (petty errands) services within Nairobi and its environs

  49. NP/PQ/49/2023-2026 - Provision of Taxi and car hire services i.e. small cars, tour vans, buses

  50. NP/PQ/50/2023-2026 - Provision of Pest control and Fumigation services

  51. NP/PQ/51/2023-2026 - Provision of Hazardous and/or Bio Medical Waste Management Services and/or Sanitary-Waste Collection services and/or Ordinary Waste/ Garbage Collection services

  52. NP/PQ/52/2023-2026 - Provision of hotels and conference and accommodation services (Airbnb accommodation in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret, Mombasa, for individuals and teams)

  53. NP/PQ/53/2023-2026 - Labeling of student items (uniform, shoes, lab coats, linen etc.), furniture (desks, chairs, lockers, computers) (Furniture labeling and embroidery services)

  54. NP/PQ/54/2023-2026 - Provision of Petty cash management services for companies.

  55. NP/PQ/55/2023-2026 - Provision of outside catering services (For all school related events)

  56. NP/PQ/56/2023-2026 - Provision of events management , decor services, PA system/DJ/sound,tents, tables, chairs etc. (all on hire) and other related party accessories (For all school related events)

  57. NP/PQ/57/2023-2026 - Provision of health and safety training, fire training, first aid training, school emergency management training and osha audit services

  58. NP/PQ/58/2023-2026 - Provision of Housekeeping Services (Cleaning) and / or deep cleaning services

  59. NP/PQ/59/2023-2026 - Provision of IT security solutions (backup and recovery)

  60. NP/PQ/60/2023-2026 - Provision of computerized ERP system (facilities, library, procurement stores, finance, maintenance, point of sale,clinic management system etc.)

  61. NP/PQ/61/2023-2026 - Provision of landscaping services in Nairobi and Eldoret

  62. NP/PQ/62/2023-2026 - Provision of photography, videography, and audio visual services

  63. NP/PQ/63/2023-2026 - Provision of outdoor branding and signage works

  64. NP/PQ/64/2023-2026 - Provision of property valuation services

  65. NP/PQ/65/2023-2026 - Provision of textbooks repair and binding services

  66. NP/PQ/66/2023-2026 - Provision asset tagging/ coding services & asset verification services

  67. NP/PQ/67/2023-2026 - Provision of Locum Nurse services in Nairobi and Eldoret

  68. NP/PQ/68/2023-2026 - Provision for clearing and forwarding services (inbound logistics and outbound)

  69. NP/PQ/69/2023-2026 - Provision of disposal for Old/obsolete computer hardware, phones and peripherals

  70. NP/PQ/70/2023-2026 - Provision of Security Guarding Services , provision of k9 services and provision of security control room back-up services

  71. NP/PQ/71/2023-2026 - Provision of STEAM (science,technology,engineering, art and mathematics) equipment and consultancy services (Lego's, Robots, Steam kits)

  72. NP/PQ/72/2023-2026 - Provision of Academic Educational consultancy services (curriculum, university placement,art, home science, drama festivals and other related consultancy services

  73. NP/PQ/73/2023-2026 - Provision of Consultancy services- general building contractors for minor and major works, kitchen design and layout

  74. NP/PQ/74/2023-2026 - General repair contractors for plumbing, electrical, woodwork & painting works

  75. NP/PQ/75/2023-2026 - Water Quality Testing and Analysis for Microbial and Physiochemical parameters

  76. NP/PQ/76/2023-2026 - Maintenance of swimming pools & water features