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NKG Coffee Mills Kenya Tender No: NKG Coffee Mills (Kenya) Supplier prequalification 2023 to 2026

NKG Coffee Mills (Kenya) Supplier prequalification 2023 to 2026

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID NKG Coffee Mills (Kenya) Supplier prequalification 2023 to 2026
Current Status Evaluation
Publish Date June 14, 2023
Closing Date July 12, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.
Supplier Access Open to all
Behaviour Open
Behaviour Open
Fee Per category Kes 2000.0

Supplier Instructions

Download and Review the Supplier guide and instructions from the Tender Details tab.

2. Categories

  1. NKG/A01/2023-26 - Supply of milk and/or dairy products(Fresh Pasteurized Milk, Yoghurt, Ice cream, Butter, Cheese, Custard)

  2. NKG/A02/2023-26 - Supply and delivery of newspapers, magazines and periodicals

  3. NKG/A03/2023-26 - Supply and delivery of cleaning materials, toiletries and detergents

  4. NKG/A04/2023-26 - Supply of commercial cleaning equipment and materials (Floor scrubbing machines, vacuum cleaners, mops, long handle brooms, brushes, buckets, dustpans, towels etc)

  5. NKG/A05/2023-26 - Supply of assorted general office supplies and stationery

  6. NKG/A06/2023-26 - Supply of Printed stationary, calendars, diaries, books, Brochures, fliers etc.

  7. NKG/A07/2023-26 - Supply and delivery of branded promotional materials and merchandise i.e., notebooks, t-shirts, umbrellas, caps etc.

  8. NKG/A08/2023-26 - Supply and delivery of office furniture, furnishings, and fittings

  9. NKG/A09/2023-26 - Supply and delivery of staff uniforms, protective wear-PPE clothing, dust masks, hairnets, textile material, linen and safety shoes

  10. NKG/A10/2023-26 - Supply and Delivery of Computers, laptops, printers, scanners, and other related ICT accessories

  11. NKG/A11/2023-26 - Supply and installation of computer software, Antivirus, and other standard applications

  12. NKG/A12/2023-26 - Supply and installation of telecommunication equipment i.e., Telephones, PABX machines and assorted accessories

  13. NKG/A13/2023-26 - Supply and maintenance of networking equipment e.g., LAN cabling

  14. NKG/A14/2023-26 - Supply and installation of audio-visual equipment and service

  15. NKG/A15/2023-26 - Supply and maintenance of power back-up systems, UPS, and inverters

  16. NKG/A16/2023-26 - Supply and delivery of motor vehicle tyres, tubes, and rims

  17. NKG/A17/2023-26 - Supply of motor vehicle spare parts and accessories

  18. NKG/A18/2023-26 - Supply of motor vehicle batteries and accessories

  19. NKG/A19/2023-26 - Supply and delivery of motorcycle sales and service

  20. NKG/A20/2023-26 - Supply and delivery of motor vehicles (new and or used) sales and service

  21. NKG/A21/2023-26 - Supply and delivery of oils and lubricants

  22. NKG/A22/2023-26 - Supply of tractor spare parts

  23. NKG/A23/2023-26 - Supply and installation of vehicle tracking and management services

  24. NKG/A24/2023-26 - Supply, installation, commissioning, and servicing of CCTV & access control equipment

  25. NKG/A25/2023-26 - Supply of liquid petroleum gas (LPG)

  26. NKG/A26/2023-26 - Supply and delivery of general hardware materials and tools (Paint, Spirit, Thinners, Paint Brushes, Sand Paper, Nails, Repair tools)

  27. NKG/A27/2023-26 - Supply of coffee packaging material (poly sacks, gunny bags, Grainpro bags, bulk bags, sample packaging material, roasted coffee packaging material

  28. NKG/A28/2023-26 - Supply of warehouse equipment and fittings e.g., pallets, weighing scales, sample weighing scales, soil scanners, moisture meters

  29. NKG/A29/2023-26 - Supply and maintenance of fire safety equipment, fire suppression & detection system and related spare parts/ consumables

  30. NKG/A30/2023-26 - Supply of agricultural tools and inputs

  31. NKG/A31/2023-26 - Supply of coffee laboratory equipment (Roasters, Espresso machines and accessories, jugs etc

  32. NKG/A32/2023-26 - Supply, installation and maintenance/calibration of weighbridge, scales, and accessories

  33. NKG/A33/2023-26 - Supply of paper lining

  34. NKG/A34/2023-26 - Supply of electrical equipment, spare parts & consumable

  35. NKG/A35/2023-26 - Supply of mechanical equipment, spare parts &consumables

  36. NKG/A36/2023-26 - Supply and maintenance of standby power generators

  37. NKG/A37/2023-26 - Supply and installation of solar equipment

  38. NKG/A38/2023-26 - Supply of corporate gift items

  39. NKG/B39/2023-26 - Provision and commissioning of WAN services and equipment

  40. NKG/B40/2023-26 - Leasing of Photocopiers, spares, and consumables

  41. NKG/B41/2023-26 - Provision of servers, HP care pack, storage, disc arrays, enclosures, NAS, and SAN

  42. NKG/B42/2023-26 - Provision of bulk sms services, USSD, short-code and mobile application services

  43. NKG/B43/2023-26 - Provision of internet services

  44. NKG/B44/2023-26 - Provision of fleet management system

  45. NKG/B45/2023-26 - Provision of taxi and car hire services

  46. NKG/B46/2023-26 - Provision of towing and recovery services

  47. NKG/B47/2023-26 - Provision of coffee transport services

  48. NKG/B48/2023-26 - Service, fabrication, and repair of motor vehicles

  49. NKG/B49/2023-26 - Service and repair of motorcycles

  50. NKG/B50/2023-26 - Provision of wheel balancing and alignment services

  51. NKG/B51/2023-26 - Provision of water pump servicing and maintenance

  52. NKG/B52/2023-26 - Provision of clearing and forwarding services

  53. NKG/B53/2023-26 - Provision of air ticketing & travel agency services (IATA registered)

  54. NKG/B54/2023-26 - Provision of Hotel accommodation and conference facilities in all counties

  55. NKG/B55/2023-26 - Provision of outside catering services

  56. NKG/B56/2023-26 - Provision of security services (guarding), security deterrence services (alarm systems, electric fences)

  57. NKG/B57/2023-26 - Provision of air conditioning and maintenance services

  58. NKG/B58/2023-26 - Provision of local courier services and dedicated riders

  59. NKG/B59/2023-26 - Provision of event planning and management services including DJ, PA system, audio visual display boards, tents, chairs, décor etc

  60. NKG/B60/2023-26 - Provision of professional and or ordinary photography and videography and related services

  61. NKG/B61/2023-26 - Provision of outsourced labour

  62. NKG/B62/2023-26 - Servicing, repair and maintenance of coffee laboratory equipment e.g., roasters, espresso machines, grinders, sealing machines etc

  63. NKG/B63/2023-26 - Provision of seals for locking containers

  64. NKG/B64/2023-26 - Provision of fumigation and pest control services

  65. NKG/B65/2023-26 - Provision of garbage collection services

  66. NKG/B66/2023-26 - Provision of tagging/ Marking of assets services

  67. NKG/B67/2023-26 - Provision of debt collection services

  68. NKG/B68/2023-26 - Provision of design and printing services

  69. NKG/B69/2023-26 - Provision of IT cyber security audit services

  70. NKG/C70/2023-26 - Provision of vehicle valuation services

  71. NKG/C71/2023-26 - Provision of staff recruitment and selection services

  72. NKG/C72/2023-26 - Provision of First Aid and fire fighting training

  73. NKG/C73/2023-26 - Provision of team building facilitators

  74. NKG/C74/2023-26 - Provision of pre-employment background checks

  75. NKG/C75/2023-26 - Provision of statutory auditing and risk assessment services (food safety, environmental audit, fire audit, Human right risk assessment)

  76. NKG/C76/2023-26 - Occupational health and safety training services

  77. NKG/C77/2023-26 - Provision of Insurance services

  78. NKG/C78/2023-26 - Provision of HR legal and Policy formulation

  79. NKG/C79/2023-26 - Provision of staff development and training services

  80. NKG/C80/2023-26 - Provision of Employee engagement survey services

  81. NKG/D81/2023-26 - Provision of contractors for borehole drilling and maintenance services

  82. NKG/D82/2023-26 - Provision of major civil works contractors

  83. NKG/D83/2023-26 - Provision of construction services; including renovations, office partitioning and general refurbishments

  84. NKG/A84/2023-26 - Supply of airtime

  85. NKG/A85/2023-26 - Supply of electronic equipment e.g TVs,