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1.General tender Details

Current Status Awarded
Publish Date Nov. 23, 2022
Closing Date Dec. 28, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.
Supplier Access Open to all
Fee Per category Kes 2500.0

Supplier Instructions

REFERENCE THE ATTACHED SUPPLIER GUIDE. Please note - the closing date has been extended from 15th to 28th Dec 2022

2. Categories

  1. MGA/001/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture and Furnishings; staff lockers, cabinets etc.

  2. MGA/002/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Industrial processing Chemicals; Caustic Soda flakes & Trisodium Phosphate

  3. MGA/003/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Effluent Treatment Plant chemicals; Flocculant, Coagulant, PH (-) & PH (+)

  4. MGA/004/2022 - Supply and Delivery of electronics and accessories; laptops, mobile phones, desktops, chargers etc.

  5. MGA/005/2022 - Supply and Delivery of macbooks and accessories

  6. MGA/006/2022 - Supply, Delivery and Installation of Boilers

  7. MGA/007/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Mechanized/ Automated Bag closer/Bags stitching Machine

  8. MGA/008/2022 - Supply and Delivery of barcodes systems

  9. MGA/009/2022 - Supply, Delivery and installation of customized biometric systems

  10. MGA/010/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Drinking water; Nairobi,Eldoret, Kisumu, Mombasa, Kericho, Kisii, Naivasha, Nakuru, Narok, Malindi, Machakos

  11. MGA/011/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Corporate cakes

  12. MGA/012/2022 - Supply and Delivery of processing Diesel

  13. MGA/013/2022 - Supply, Delivery and installation of Compressors

  14. MGA/014/2022 - Supply, Delivery and installation of weighbridge

  15. MGA/015/2022 - Supply and Delivery of oils and lubricants

  16. MGA/016/2022 - Supply, Delivery, installation and repair of conveyor belts

  17. MGA/017/2022 - Supply and Delivery of plastic Shredder and crushers; Size reduction of raw plastics

  18. MGA/018/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Personal Protective Equipment; overalls, reflective jackets, eco-latex gloves, first aid kit equipment, dust masks, harness cones, ladders etc.

  19. MGA/019/2022 - Supply and Delivery of branded staff uniforms

  20. MGA/020/2022 - Supply, Delivery and Installation of CCTVs

  21. MGA/021/2022 - Supply and Delivery of commercial tea urns

  22. MGA/022/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Electrical supplies

  23. MGA/023/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Hardware Supplies; Bolts, pipes cement, square tubes, black sheets etc.

  24. MGA/024/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Scientific Laboratory Equipment, Chemicals & reagents; Isopropyl Alcohol etc.

  25. MGA/025/2022 - Supply, delivery and installation of industrial washing machine

  26. MGA/026/2022 - Supply of Bread; Mombasa, Nairobi, Eldoret

  27. MGA/027/2022 - Supply and Delivery of long life milk; Mombasa, Nairobi, Eldoret

  28. MGA/028/2022 - Supply and Delivery of branded Packaging Sacks; size 50*90, 75*100

  29. MGA/029/2022 - Supply and Delivery of wholesale Miscellaneous Office Supplies; Sugar, Coffee tea bags etc.

  30. MGA/030/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Detergents and disinfectants

  31. MGA/031/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Machine Sewing Threads

  32. MGA/032/2022 - Supply and Delivery of self-adhesive Labels

  33. MGA/033/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Plastic Pallets and Wood Pallets

  34. MGA/034/2022 - Supply and Delivery of branded promotional materials: t-shirts,caps,banners,carrier bags,brochures,flyers,flexes,posters,calendars,business cards etc

  35. MGA/035/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Signage

  36. MGA/036/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Office Stationery

  37. MGA/037/2022 - Supply and Delivery of new and used Jumbo bags

  38. MGA/038/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Weighing Scales; Platform scales & OCS scales

  39. MGA/039/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Baler Twines: Wholesale

  40. MGA/040/2022 - Supply and Delivery of industrial Nitrogen gas

  41. MGA/041/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Steam fittings; Valves, strainers etc.

  42. MGA/042/2022 - Supply and Delivery of Pneumatic pipes and fittings

  43. MGA/043/2022 - Supply, Delivery and Installation of Plastic mixing silo/plastic homogenizer

  44. MGA/044/2022 - Supply and Delivery of fabricated Containers; 40ft & 20ft

  45. MGA/045/2022 - Provision of Cleaning Services

  46. MGA/046/2022 - Provision of Plumbing Services

  47. MGA/047/2022 - Provision of Exhauster Services

  48. MGA/048/2022 - Provision of Corporate rides

  49. MGA/049/2022 - Provision of Transportation (Charter) Services-Truck providers & 3PL providers; 10T open trucks with Nema permit to transport

  50. MGA/050/2022 - Provision of cross-border transportation services; Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda & DRC

  51. MGA/051/2022 - Provision of carpentry services

  52. MGA/052/2022 - Provision of Shipping, Customs and Clearance services

  53. MGA/053/2022 - Provision of Security Services; Eldoret, Nairobi, Mombasa

  54. MGA/054/2022 - Provision of Calibration services; scales(Platform scales & OCS Scales), Vernier caliper, lab oven lab analytical balances

  55. MGA/055/2022 - Provision of Lab equipment’s servicing; lab oven, analytical balances, spectrophotometer etc.

  56. MGA/056/2022 - Provision of Reverse Osmosis Unit Servicing and Maintenance

  57. MGA/057/2022 - Provision of air Compressor Servicing and accessories

  58. MGA/058/2022 - Provision of Boiler Servicing and accessories

  59. MGA/059/2022 - Provision of Chiller Servicing and accessories

  60. MGA/060/2022 - Provision of Waste Disposal Services; General waste

  61. MGA/061/2022 - Provision of Incineration services; Hazardous waste

  62. MGA/062/2022 - Provision of Hotel Accommodation and Conference Facilities in Nairobi, Mombasa, Meru, Eldoret and Kisumu

  63. MGA/063/2022 - Provision of Repair and Maintenance of Motorcycle Service

  64. MGA/064/2022 - Provision of Water bowser Services

  65. MGA/065/2022 - Provision of Stainless steel works services

  66. MGA/066/2022 - Provision of Machine repair and Fabrication services

  67. MGA/067/2022 - Provision of Mechanical Engineering Services; Tig Welding

  68. MGA/068/2022 - Provision of Motor rewinding Services

  69. MGA/069/2022 - Provision of Staff Training and Consultancy Services; HR outsourcing

  70. MGA/070/2022 - Provision of Insurance Services; Medical, General etc.

  71. MGA/071/2022 - Provision of Fumigation and pest control Services

  72. MGA/072/2022 - Provision of Tent Hiring Services

  73. MGA/073/2022 - Provision of Catering and Hospitality Services

  74. MGA/074/2022 - Provision of Training Services; Health and Safety, Fire and First aid

  75. MGA/075/2022 - Provision of Photography and Videography Services

  76. MGA/076/2022 - Provision of Courier Services

  77. MGA/077/2022 - Provision of printer leasing service

  78. MGA/078/2022 - Provision of Service and Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment; Nairobi, Eldoret & Mombasa

  79. MGA/079/2022 - Provision of Repair and Servicing of Mobile phones and Laptops

  80. MGA/080/2022 - Provision of Car hire services; Eldoret, Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu

  81. MGA/081/2022 - Provision of Air Travel Agency Services

  82. MGA/082/2022 - Provision of Energy Audit Services

  83. MGA/083/2022 - Provision of occupational safety and health audit services

  84. MGA/084/2022 - Provision of Fire Audit Services

  85. MGA/085/2022 - Provision of Statutory assessment services; Air quality assessment, Noise survey, Stack emission survey, & Medical Examination services

  86. MGA/086/2022 - Provision of Environmental impact assessment and Audit Services; Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, DRC, Tanzania & Rwanda

  87. MGA/087/2022 - Provision of market Research Consultancy Services within Kenya, Uganda, DRC, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Rwanda

  88. MGA/088/2022 - Provision of Event planning and management Services

  89. MGA/089/2022 - Provision of Carpentry Services

  90. MGA/090/2022 - Provision of Graphic Design services

  91. MGA/091/2022 - Provision of statutory Effluent & Raw water tests; NEMA,WARMA & WHO guidelines

  92. MGA/092/2022 - Provision of Lifting Equipment services; Cranes Forklifts etc

  93. MGA/093/2022 - Provision of Construction and Civil Works; Floor works, cabro paving, shade build outs etc.

  94. MGA/094/2022 - Provision of Painting Works

  95. MGA/095/2022 - Provision of an Effluent Filtration Plant

  96. MGA/096/2022 - Disposal of broken Wooden Pallets

  97. MGA/097/2022 - Disposal of Scrap Metal

  98. MGA/098/2022 - Disposal of Electronic Waste