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Alliance Bioversity International and CIAT Tender No: Alliance Bioversity International and CIAT

Supplier prequalification for CIAT 2024-2026

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID Alliance Bioversity International and CIAT
Current Status Awarded
Publish Date Oct. 3, 2023
Closing Date Oct. 27, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.
Supplier Access Open to all
Behaviour Open
Behaviour Open
Fee Per category Kes 3000.0

Supplier Instructions

Download and Review the Supplier guide and instructions from the Tender Details tab. PLEASE NOTE: The Submission date has been extended to Friday 27th October 2023 @5.30pm EAT

2. Categories

  1. CIAT/PQ/01/2024-2026 - Supply & Delivery of Laboratory equipment and parts supply & Installation & instrument training

  2. CIAT/PQ/02/2024-2026 - Servicing & Maintenance of Laboratory equipment

  3. CIAT/PQ/03/2024-2026 - Supply & Delivery of Laboratory consumables & reagents

  4. CIAT/PQ/04/2024-2026 - Supply and delivery of laboratory Personal Protective Equipment/gears (masks, coveralls, gowns, gloves, first aid equipment and supplies etc)

  5. CIAT/PQ/05/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Greenhouse Inputs, Consumables and Equipment

  6. CIAT/PQ/06/2024-2026 - Supply & Maintenance of Alarms, CCTV & access control systems (Licensed by Communications Authority)

  7. CIAT/PQ/07/2024-2026 - Supply & Maintenance of UPS

  8. CIAT/PQ/08/2024-2026 - Supply of Office Furniture and Equipment, fixtures and fittings

  9. CIAT/PQ/09/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of General Hardware, Mechanical and Facility Maintenance Supplies

  10. CIAT/PQ/10/2024-2026 - Supply and delivery of General Electrical and Electronic Supplies & accessories

  11. CIAT/PQ/11/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of General Sanitary and House Keeping Supplies

  12. CIAT/PQ/12/2024-2026 - Supply and Installation of Electrical Home Appliances and Cutlery: Cookers, Fridges, Catering Equipment

  13. CIAT/PQ/13/2024-2026 - Consultants –Registered ; Architects and interior designers

  14. CIAT/PQ/14/2024-2026 - Vehicle upholstery services ( provision of seat covers and repair of seats)

  15. CIAT/PQ/15/2024-2026 - Provision of vehicle and asset tracking services

  16. CIAT/PQ/16/2024-2026 - Supply of Motor vehicle tyres, Tubes and related accessories including fitting, alignment and wheel balancing services

  17. CIAT/PQ/17/2024-2026 - Provision of staff transport services

  18. CIAT/PQ/18/2024-2026 - Provision of taxi services

  19. CIAT/PQ/19/2024-2026 - Provision of Occupational Health and Safety audit services

  20. CIAT/PQ/20/2024-2026 - Fire safety audit services

  21. CIAT/PQ/21/2024-2026 - Occupational health professionals (DHP)

  22. CIAT/PQ/22/2024-2026 - Occupational Health and Safety training services

  23. CIAT/PQ/23/2024-2026 - Supply of ICT Equipment, Hardware and Software, Servers, Switches, firewalls, routers, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Cameras, Phones and related accessories.

  24. CIAT/PQ/24/2024-2026 - Supply, Installation and Service of ICT Audio Visual Equipment and accessories ; Projectors, PA Systems, Screens, Equipment Hire etc.

  25. CIAT/PQ/25/2024-2026 - Provision of computer servicing & maintenance

  26. CIAT/PQ/26/2024-2026 - Contractors for ICT structured cabling and fiber connectivity, services and preventive maintenance

  27. CIAT/PQ/27/2024-2026 - Provision of ICT infrastructure monitoring and security

  28. CIAT/PQ/28/2024-2026 - Consultancy on ICT Infrastructure Services(advanced/highly specialized routing and firewalling issues etc)

  29. CIAT/PQ/29/2024-2026 - Provision of internet services

  30. CIAT/PQ/30/2024-2026 - Provision of Design and Printing Services of Corporate Documents (Paper print), i.e Books, Publications, Calendars, Posters, banners, Brochures etc

  31. CIAT/PQ/31/2024-2026 - Provision of Design and Printing Services of Branded Corporate promotional Material (fabric prints) i.e., shirts, Caps, Umbrellas, pens etc.

  32. CIAT/PQ/32/2024-2026 - Provision of Design and Printing Services of Signages i.e., Door Plates, Name plates, Road signs etc.

  33. CIAT/PQ/33/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Office Drinking Water and Dispensers

  34. CIAT/PQ/34/2024-2026 - Provision of Asset Valuation Services

  35. CIAT/PQ/35/2024-2026 - Provision & management of casual labor services

  36. CIAT/PQ/36/2024-2026 - Supply of General Office stationery

  37. CIAT/PQ/37/2024-2026 - Provision of courier and delivery services

  38. CIAT/PQ/38/2024-2026 - Provision of Insurance brokerage services general insurances (All risk, Motor vehicle and Motorcycle, Fidelity, Money ,e.t.c)

  39. CIAT/PQ/39/2024-2026 - Provision of Insurance brokerage services staff medical insurance

  40. CIAT/PQ/40/2024-2026 - Provision of Insurance brokerage services staff insurance (WIBA EGL e.t.c)

  41. CIAT/PQ/41/2024-2026 - Provision of Insurance brokerage services micro insurance, credit life, agricultural and MSME's

  42. CIAT/PQ/42/2024-2026 - Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles, alarms and tracking services

  43. CIAT/PQ/43/2024-2026 - Provision of professional videography and photography services, Animation services (Documentary, short stories, interviews and other related services)

  44. CIAT/PQ/44/2024-2026 - Provision of media Agency services

  45. CIAT/PQ/45/2024-2026 - Provision of Aquaponics

  46. CIAT/PQ/46/2024-2026 - Events facilitator and Communications

  47. CIAT/PQ/47/2024-2026 - Provision of Soil Testing Services

  48. CIAT/PQ/48/2024-2026 - Provision of Farm Supplies and Fertilizers and Chemicals

  49. CIAT/PQ/49/2024-2026 - Supply of Curtains & Soft Furnishings (office carpets & blinds)

  50. CIAT/PQ/50/2024-2026 - Supply of Motor vehicle tires, Tubes and related accessories including fitting, alignment and wheel balancing services

  51. CIAT/PQ/51/2024-2026 - Supply and delivery of Kitchenware, Cutlery and Home Appliances

  52. CIAT/PQ/52/2024-2026 - Supply and delivery of Corporate Uniforms, Protective Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) i.e., Safety shoes, Helmets, Gloves, Googles etc.

  53. CIAT/PQ/53/2024-2026 - Hazardous waste disposal services

  54. CIAT/PQ/54/2024-2026 - Provision of Language Translation Services

  55. CIAT/PQ/55/2024-2026 - Provision of vehicle hire services

  56. CIAT/PQ/56/2024-2026 - Provision of outside catering services (Nairobi)

  57. CIAT/PQ/57/2024-2026 - Provision of Hotel and accommodation and conferences facilities services - Please see complete list of town and counties in the supplier guide provided in the supplier download section.

  58. CIAT/PQ/58/2024-2026 - Supply of Motor vehicle maintenance and repair services (Nairobi, Around Thika Road, Kisumu)

  59. CIAT/PQ/59/2024-2026 - Provision of Customs Clearing and Forwarding Services

  60. CIAT/PQ/60/2024-2026 - Repair and maintenance of buildings

  61. CIAT/PQ/61/2024-2026 - Training sessions for Agricultural Small and Medium Enterprises (ASMEs) on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)

  62. CIAT/PQ/62/2024-2026 - Training sessions for agripreneurs on business plan development and marketing.

  63. CIAT/PQ/63/2024-2026 - Training to build local capacity in processes critical for investor match making and capital mobilization through mentorship

  64. CIAT/PQ/64/2024-2026 - Implementation of CSA Solutions (Climate smart solutions) (linking practices, technologies and services) and sustainable finance that will support farmers adapt to climate change.(With CGIAR experience)

  65. CIAT/PQ/65/2024-2026 - Consultancy on Climate risk management solutions- With CGIAR Experience

  66. CIAT/PQ/66/2024-2026 - Provision of Consultancy services- Data Collection, M&E, technical support and capacity strengthening, strategic Planning

  67. CIAT/PQ/67/2024-2026 - Provision of Workshop management services- Event management