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Hand in Hand Eastern Africa Tender No: Supplier Prequalification for Hand in Hand for the 2024-2025 Period (Restricted)

Supplier prequalification for Hand in Hand for the 2024-2025 Period

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID Supplier Prequalification for Hand in Hand for the 2024-2025 Period (Restricted)
Current Status Evaluation
Publish Date Sept. 26, 2023
Closing Date Sept. 28, 2023 at 2 p.m.
Supplier Access By invitation
Fee Per category Kes 2500.0

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Supplier Instructions

Download and Review the Supplier guide and instructions from the Tender Details tab.

2. Categories

  1. HIHEA/01/2023 - Supply of General stationery

  2. HIHEA/02/2023 - Supply, repair and maintenance of ICT related items e.g. computers, laptops, printers and accessories

  3. HIHEA/03/2023 - Supply of office furniture, office equipment, repairs and fittings

  4. HIHEA/04/2023 - Supply and maintenance of fire extinguishers

  5. HIHEA/05/2023 - Provision of courier and delivery services

  6. HIHEA/06/2023 - Provision of implementation, configuration, support and maintenance of Dynamic 365 Business Central system

  7. HIHEA/07/2023 - Provision of office cleaning and fumigation services

  8. HIHEA/08/2023 - Provision of Insurance brokerage services general insurances (All risk, Motor vehicle and Motorcycle, Fidelity, Money ,e.t.c)

  9. HIHEA/009/2023 - Provision of Insurance brokerage services staff medical insurance

  10. HIHEA/010/2023 - Provision of Insurance brokerage services staff insurance (WIBA EGL e.t.c)

  11. HIHEA/011/2023 - Provision of Insurance brokerage services micro insurance, credit life, agricultural and MSME's

  12. HIHEA/012/2023 - Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles, alarms and tracking services

  13. HIHEA/013/2023 - Provision of design and production of promotional materials and branded items

  14. HIHEA/014/2023 - Provision of professional videography and photography services (Documentary, short stories, interviews)

  15. HIHEA/015/2023 - Provision of media Agency services

  16. HIHEA/016/2023 - Provision of legal services

  17. HIHEA/017/2023 - Provision of Audit services

  18. HIHEA/018/2023 - Provision of HR services (recruitment and outsourcing)

  19. HIHEA/019/2023 - Provision of air ticketing and other travel agency services; vehicle hire and taxi services

  20. HHEA/020/2023 - Provision of farm structures construction services (poultry and dairy houses, rabbit hatch, black solder fly houses, demo farm ) in these regions; Nairobi, Western , Eastern , Coast, Central, Rift Valley