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Unaitas Sacco Tender No: Supplier Prequalification for Unaitas Sacco Society Ltd 2024-2025 FY

Supplier Prequalification for Unaitas Sacco Society Ltd 2024-2025 FY

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID Supplier Prequalification for Unaitas Sacco Society Ltd 2024-2025 FY
Current Status Running
Publish Date Sept. 12, 2023
Closing Date Oct. 4, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.
Supplier Access Open to all
Behaviour Open
Behaviour Open
Fee Per category Kes 2500.0

Supplier Instructions

Download and Review the Supplier guide and instructions from the Tender Details tab.

2. Categories

  1. UNAITAS-PQ/001/01 - Supply and Design of branded promotional attires and other materials (T-shirts, Caps, carrier bags, banners, etc.)

  2. UNAITAS-PQ/001/02 - Supply and delivery of office utilities (e.g. milk, water, toiletries)

  3. UNAITAS-PQ/001/03 - Supply and Maintenance of Fire Equipment, power and cooling equipment, air conditioners, fire extinguishers, Automatic fire suppression system

  4. UNAITAS-PQ/001/04 - Supply and Maintenance of ICT Software and Licenses, Office application Microsoft licenses

  5. UNAITAS-PQ/001/05 - Supply and Maintenance of physical security , Access Control , CCTV and alarm systems

  6. UNAITAS-PQ/001/06 - Supply and servicing of generators, inverters back ups, solar equipments, Stabilizers and other Elecrical equipment

  7. UNAITAS-PQ/001/07 - Supply/leasing and servicing of; Safes and strong room, Document safes, Counting machine (notes and coins) and fake money detectors and cheque scanners, Teller printers

  8. UNAITAS-PQ/001/08 - Supply of General Stationery and pre-printed office stationery and rubber stamps

  9. UNAITAS-PQ/001/09 - Supply of Office Furniture, office furnishing and office fittings, bulk filers, paper shredders

  10. UNAITAS-PQ/001/10 - Supply of printed communication materials including newsletters magazines , financial reports, calendars, and diaries

  11. UNAITAS-PQ/001/11 - Supply installation and servicing of ICT equipment: Desktop computers and laptops, Servers, Network Equipment(phones, switches,routers and other network accessories), Printers and photocopiers, LCD projectors and scanners, Telcommunication and telphony

  12. UNAITAS-PQ/001/12 - Provision of auctioneering services

  13. UNAITAS-PQ/001/13 - Provision of debt collection services

  14. UNAITAS-PQ/001/14 - Provision of private and criminal investigation services

  15. UNAITAS-PQ/001/15 - Provision of courier/mail delivery services

  16. UNAITAS-PQ/001/16 - Provision of Electrical services

  17. UNAITAS-PQ/001/17 - Provision of Event management Services

  18. UNAITAS-PQ/001/18 - Provision of fashion and design including tailoring of branded staff corporate wear and protective gears

  19. UNAITAS-PQ/001/19 - Provision of land surveying services

  20. UNAITAS-PQ/001/20 - Provision of minor office maintenance works e.g. Repairs, carpentry, plumbing

  21. UNAITAS-PQ/001/21 - Provision of ICT security solutions; Including firewalls, antivirus solutions, AI security solution and other cyber security solution

  22. UNAITAS-PQ/001/22 - Provision of ICT security Audit

  23. UNAITAS-PQ/001/23 - Provision of inspection and maintenance of communication Masts, and other communication accessories

  24. UNAITAS-PQ/001/24 - Provision of Internet and cloud services

  25. UNAITAS-PQ/001/25 - Provision of marketing research services, media Agency & monitoring (social media, print,& electronic media)

  26. UNAITAS-PQ/001/26 - Supply design and Maintenance of outdoor Advertising items; road signage, fascia, directional boards and other outdoor advertising services

  27. UNAITAS-PQ/001/27 - Supply design and Maintenance of window blinds filming, UV window film, Anti shatter films, Glazing and safety tints, and internal office branding

  28. UNAITAS-PQ/001/28 - Provision of Digital Marketing including: web design, web hosting, Design (Art work) of online branding tools, online advertising, creative artworks and graphic design

  29. UNAITAS-PQ/001/29 - Provision of Marketing and promotion agency services

  30. UNAITAS-PQ/001/30 - Provision of guarding services

  31. UNAITAS-PQ/001/31 - Provision of Vehicle Hire Services (buses, tour vans etc.)

  32. UNAITAS-PQ/001/32 - Supply of LPG, Fuel cards and diesel

  33. UNAITAS-PQ/001/33 - Provision of motor vehicle repair garage services

  34. UNAITAS-PQ/001/34 - Provision of Air Travel Agency Services IATA/KATA Registered Firms

  35. UNAITAS-PQ/001/35 - Provision of General Cleaning, sanitary services and garbage collection

  36. UNAITAS-PQ/001/36 - Provision of Hotel accommodation and conference services.