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Windle International Kenya Tender No: Windle International Kenya Supplier prequalification for Windle International Kenya 2024-2026

Supplier prequalification for Windle International Kenya 2024-2026

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID Windle International Kenya Supplier prequalification for Windle International Kenya 2024-2026
Current Status Running
Publish Date Sept. 7, 2023
Closing Date Sept. 29, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.
Supplier Access Open to all
Fee Per category Kes 2000.0

Supplier Instructions

Download and Review the Supplier guide and instructions from the Tender Details tab.

2. Categories

  1. WIK/G/01/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Secondary and Primary Schools’ Text Books (NAIROBI,DADAAB and/or KAKUMA)

  2. WIK/G/02/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of General Office Stationery Printing Papers, Rubber Stamps, School Teaching Aid, Teaching and Learning Materials for Primary and Secondary Schools (NAIROBI ,DADAAB and/or KAKUMA)

  3. WIK/G/03/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Special Needs Teaching and Learning Aid Materials for Primary and Secondary Schools (NAIROBI,DADAAB and/or KAKUMA)

  4. WIK/G/04/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of School Laboratory Chemicals, Equipment and Apparatus(NAIROBI,DADAAB and/or KAKUMA)

  5. WIK/G/05/2024-2026 - Setting, supply and delivery of Exams and Marking Schemes (NAIROBI, KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  6. WIK/G/06/2024-2026 - Design printing & Supply of branded stationery, diaries, calendars and school registers (NAIROBI, KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  7. WIK/G/07/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Branded T-Shirts, School Bags, Caps, and promotional/publicity materials (NAIROBI, KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  8. WIK/G/08/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Trophies, Sports Equipment and Various Sports Accessories (NAIROBI , KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  9. WIK/G/09/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery, Repair and Maintenance of ICT Hardware, Accessories and Consumables (NAIROBI, KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  10. WIK/G/10/2024-2026 - Supply, Delivery and Maintenance of ICT Software (NAIROBI, KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  11. WIK/G/11/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery, Maintenance of Electrical and Hardware Materials (NAIROBI, KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  12. WIK/G/12/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of office assorted furniture, school desks, chairs, cabinets & beds, signage, and fittings (NAIROBI, KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  13. WIK/G/13/2024-2026 - Supply and Maintenance of Generators, Water Pumps, Office A/C and their Accessories. (NAIROBI , DADAAB and/or KAKUMA)

  14. WIK/G/14/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Buffalo Bicycles, Motorcycles and Land cruiser Vehicles and Spare Parts (NAIROBI, KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  15. WIK/G/15/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Toiletries and Household Appliances, Furnishings and Accessories (NAIROBI, KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  16. WIK/P/16/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Groceries and other related items (KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  17. WIK/P/17/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Meat (KAKUMA)

  18. WIK/P/18/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Drinking water, soft drinks, snacks, and related items (KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  19. WIK/P/19/2024-2026 - Supply and Delivery of Dry food stuffs (NAIROBI or KAKUMA)

  20. WIK/S/20/2024-2026 - Provision of General Car Hire, Bus Hire & Taxi Services in NAIROBI,DADAAB and/or KAKUMA areas

  21. WIK/S/21/2024-2026 - Provision of General, Medical and Vehicle Insurance Services (NAIROBI)

  22. WIK/S/22/2024-2026 - Provision of Audit Services (NAIROBI,KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  23. WIK/S/23/2024-2026 - Provision of Fuel Services in (DADAAB,Lodwar, Kitale and KAKUMA)

  24. WIK/S/24/2024-2026 - Provision of transport from NAIROBI to DADAAB, NAIROBI to KAKUMA, Kitale to KAKUMA for goods and/or Staff

  25. WIK/S/25/2024-2026 - Provision of fleet management and car tracking services (NAIROBI)

  26. WIK/S/26/2024-2026 - Provision of Air Travel, Reservation and Ticketing (NAIROBI)

  27. WIK/S/27/2024-2026 - Provision of Photography, Audiovisual Production and Editing Services (Film, Documentary, Radio Production, Voice Overs, etc.)

  28. WIK/S/28/2024-2026 - Provision of Human Resource, Training and Consultancy (NAIROBI, KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  29. WIK/S/29/2024-2026 - Provision of Sanitary Bins, Fumigation and Pest Control (NAIROBI, KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  30. WIK/S/30/2024-2026 - Provision of Works, Repair & Maintenance of Compounds and signage(NAIROBI, KAKUMA and/or DADAAB)

  31. WIK/S/31/2024-2026 - Provision of Meals, Accommodation and Conferencing Facilities (NAIROBI, MOMBASA, KAKUMA ( Lokitaung, Kataboi, Eliye springs, Lodwar, and Lokichoggio),DADAAB and GARISSA)

  32. WIK/S/32/2024-2026 - Provision of Catering services(DADAAB and KAKUMA)

  33. WIK/S/33/2024-2026 - Provision of General Construction and Renovation Works (DADAAB, KAKUMA and NAIROBI)

  34. WIK/S/34/2024-2026 - Provision of Guarding Services(NAIROBI)

  35. WIK/S/35/2024-2026 - Provision of Exhauster Services(NAIROBI, DADAAB and KAKUMA)

  36. WIK/S/36/2024-2026 - Provision of AC & Fridges services and spare parts (Nairobi, Kakuma and Dadaab)

  37. WIK/S/37/2024-2026 - Provision for branding and Labelling of Desks, Chairs and Other Visibility materials (Nairobi, Kakuma and Dadaab)