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RACIDA Tender No: Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance (RACIDA)

Supplier prequalification for RACIDA 2023-2025

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance (RACIDA)
Current Status Evaluation
Publish Date July 6, 2023
Closing Date Aug. 7, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.
Supplier Access Open to all
Fee Per category Kes 2500.0

Supplier Instructions

Download and Review the Supplier guide and instructions from the Tender Details tab. The closing date has been extended to 7th August 2023@5pm EAT

2. Categories

  1. RACIDA/PQ/01/2023-2025 - Supply of office furniture, fittings (including repairs) and equipment

  2. RACIDA/PQ/02/2023-2025 - SSupply of public address systems, audio-visual equipment including screens, projectors- and related equipment, digital equipment (video camera, still camera).

  3. RACIDA/PQ/03/2023-2025 - Supply of pharmaceutical products & First Aid Kits

  4. RACIDA/PQ/04/2023-2025 - Supply of bottled water and water dispensers

  5. RACIDA/PQ/05/2023-2025 - Supply of water, sanitation and hygiene equipment (WASH)

  6. RACIDA/PQ/06/2023-2025 - Supply of sports gear (footballs, skipping ropes etc)

  7. RACIDA/PQ/07/2023-2025 - Supply of Plastic Chairs and Tables

  8. RACIDA/PQ/08/2023-2025 - Supply of asset tagging bar codes and provision of tagging services

  9. RACIDA/PQ/09/2023-2025 - Supply of Tents and tarpaulins

  10. RACIDA/PQ/10/2023-2025 - Supply of Printing items and branded promotional items (T-shirts, Banners, letter heads, envelopes, note pads, notebooks, diaries, calendars, mugs, cups)

  11. RACIDA/PQ/11/2023-2025 - Supply of water supplements i.e., liquid, and solid chlorine, aluminium sulphate, water cartridges, aqua tabs etc

  12. RACIDA/PQ/12/2023-2025 - Supply of sanitary pads

  13. RACIDA/PQ/13/2023-2025 - Supply of PPEs, family Muac

  14. RACIDA/PQ/14/2023-2025 - Supply of Kitchen items and kitchen wares

  15. RACIDA/PQ/15/2023-2025 - Supply of Safety equipment’s (fire extinguishers, Fire blankets etc)

  16. RACIDA/PQ/16/2023-2025 - Supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of alternative energy (solar)

  17. RACIDA/PQ/17/2023-2025 - Supply, installation, and maintenance of refrigeration equipment (AC)

  18. RACIDA/PQ/18/2023-2025 - Supply, installation and maintenance/repairs of photocopying/printer equipment and accessories (including leasing of printer services)

  19. RACIDA/PQ/19/2023-2025 - Supply, installation and maintenance of generators

  20. RACIDA/PQ/20/2023-2025 - Supply, installation and maintenance of ICT equipment (Servers, Routers, Switches, Wireless Access Points, computer network, cabling, infrastructure, data communication)

  21. RACIDA/PQ/21/2023-2025 - Supply, installation and maintenance of CCTV, access control and intruder alarms.

  22. RACIDA/PQ/22/2023-2025 - Supply and delivery, repair, maintenance and servicing of telecommunication equipment, Mobile Phones and accessories.

  23. RACIDA/PQ/23/2023-2025 - Supply of computers, computer hardware, printers, scanners mobile phones and related items, including preventive maintenance & repairs

  24. RACIDA/PQ/24/2023-2025 - Supply of genuine toners and cartridges

  25. RACIDA/PQ/25/2023-2025 - Supply of pipes and fittings (G.I pipes, PVC pipes, Upvc pipes etc)

  26. RACIDA/PQ/26/2023-2025 - Supply of Sewing machines and maintenance

  27. RACIDA/PQ/27/2023-2025 - Supply of fuel (petrol and diesel, oil etc)

  28. RACIDA/PQ/28/2023-2025 - Supply of motor vehicle parts, tyres and tubes

  29. RACIDA/PQ/29/2023-2025 - Supply of general Electricals, tools, and Equipment

  30. RACIDA/PQ/30/2023-2025 - Supply of Hardware items and equipment

  31. RACIDA/PQ/31/2023-2025 - Provision of Security & Alarm response Services

  32. RACIDA/PQ/32/2023-2025 - Provision of general waste management services, including garbage collection and water treatment

  33. RACIDA/PQ/33/2023-2025 - Provision of Consultancy for Recruitment services

  34. RACIDA/PQ/34/2023-2025 - Provision of mechanical/garage services (repair and service of motor vehicles/motorcycle services)

  35. RACIDA/PQ/35/2023-2025 - Provision of general cleaning services

  36. RACIDA/PQ/36/2023-2025 - Provision of hydrogeological services and borehole advisory

  37. RACIDA/PQ/37/2023-2025 - Provision of architectural and interior design services

  38. RACIDA/PQ/38/2023-2025 - Provision of Motor vehicle tracking services

  39. RACIDA/PQ/39/2023-2025 - Provision of repairs and maintenance of fire hydrant/extinguishers services

  40. RACIDA/PQ/40/2023-2025 - Provision of travel agency services, air ticketing and travel arrangements (IATA registered only)

  41. RACIDA/PQ/41/2023-2025 - Provision of transport services (PSV, Vans and commercial trucks, car hire, lease and Taxi services)

  42. RACIDA/PQ/42/2023-2025 - Provision of transactional advisors and asset valuation services, accountants, external Audit, and tax consultant services.

  43. RACIDA/PQ/43/2023-2025 - Provision of research, survey, Counseling, and other consultancy services

  44. RACIDA/PQ/44/2023-2025 - Provision of fumigation and pest control services

  45. RACIDA/PQ/45/2023-2025 - Provision of clearing and forwarding services

  46. RACIDA/PQ/46/2023-2025 - Provision of legal services

  47. RACIDA/PQ/47/2023-2025 - Provision of insurance services (underwriters)(Medical, General & Life)

  48. RACIDA/PQ/48/2023-2025 - Provision of sanitary bins including disposal services

  49. RACIDA/PQ/49/2023-2025 - Provision of courier services

  50. RACIDA/PQ/50/2023-2025 - Provision of Hotels, Catering, Team Building and event organizing services

  51. RACIDA/PQ/51/2023-2025 - Provisional of professional Photography and videography

  52. RACIDA/PQ/52/2023-2025 - Provision of ERP Systems and service maintenance

  53. RACIDA/PQ/53/2023-2025 - Provision of Staff training & Job Evaluation consultancy

  54. RACIDA/PQ/54/2023-2025 - Provision of delivery of bore hole Water Supply services

  55. RACIDA/PQ/55/2023-2025 - Provision of Internet services (Fiber optic, 5G,4G, Satellite etc)

  56. RACIDA/PQ/56/2023-2025 - Provision of Advertising & Communication Services

  57. RACIDA/PQ/57/2023-2025 - Provision of safety, health, and First Aid trainings

  58. RACIDA/PQ/58/2023-2025 - Provision of civil works (large and small works) in building construction, pipe laying, including renovations, office partitioning and general refurbishments and building works

  59. RACIDA/PQ/59/2023-2025 - Provision of borehole drilling, equipping, electro-mechanical works sand rehabilitation

  60. RACIDA/PQ/60/2023-2025 - Provision of fabricating, welding and joinery (carpentry), Plumbing works

  61. RACIDA/PQ/61/2023-2025 - Provision of construction and supply of prefabricated containers

  62. RACIDA/PQ/62/2023-2025 - Provision of electrical works