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Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF EA) Tender No: Supplier Prequalification for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF EA) 2023 to 2025

Supplier prequalification for Médecins Sans Frontières 2023 to 2025

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID Supplier Prequalification for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF EA) 2023 to 2025
Current Status Evaluation
Publish Date June 22, 2023
Closing Date July 14, 2023 at 5:35 p.m.
Supplier Access Open to all
Fee Per category Kes 2500.0

Supplier Instructions

Download and Review the Supplier guide and instructions from the Tender Details tab. Pay attention to the requirements under each category

2. Categories

  1. MSFEA/PQ/01/2023-2025 - Supply of general office stationery

  2. MSFEA/PQ/02/2023-2025 - Supply of branded promotional items (non-paper based); IEC material, signage etc

  3. MSFEA/PQ/03/2023-2025 - Supply of branded promotional items (paper based)

  4. MSFEA/PQ/04/2023-2025 - Supply of laptops and other related accessories

  5. MSFEA/PQ/05/2023-2025 - Supply of audio-visual equipment; Screens, projectors and related equipment

  6. MSFEA/PQ/06/2023-2025 - Supply of home appliances and hardware equipment

  7. MSFEA/PQ/07/2023-2025 - Supply of genuine toners and cartridges

  8. MSFEA/PQ/08/2023-2025 - Supply of office furniture and fittings

  9. MSFEA/PQ/09/2023-2025 - Supply of printers and other related accessories

  10. MSFEA/PQ/10/2023-2025 - Supply and installation of network equipment e.g routers, switches, etc

  11. MSFESA/PQ/11/2023-2025 - Supply of mobile phones and related accessories

  12. MSFEA/PQ/12/2023-2025 - Supply of ICT accessories e.g headsets, docking stations, etc

  13. MSFEA/PQ/13/2023-2025 - Provision of minor construction works including general office design, concrete and tiling works, office partitioning, repairs and maintenance works (electrical, painting, plumbing)

  14. MSFEA/PQ/14/2023-2025 - Provision of events management , decor services, PA system/DJ/sound,tents, tables, chairs etc. (all on hire) and other related accessories

  15. MSFEA/PQ/15/2023-2025 - Provision of outside catering services

  16. MSFEA/PQ/16/2023-2025 - Provision asset tagging services

  17. MSFEA/PQ/17/2023-2025 - Provision of printing services (bulk printing); certificates, training materials etc

  18. MSFEA/PQ/18/2023-2025 - Provision and maintenance of fire extinguishers and fire hydrant systems

  19. MSFEA/PQ/19/2023-2025 - Provision of graphic design services

  20. MSFEA/PQ/20/2023-2025 - Provision and maintenance of air conditioners

  21. MSFEA/PQ/21/2023-2025 - Provision of Occupational Health and Safety Assessments

  22. MSFEA/PQ/22/2023-2025 - Implementation of Microsoft Azure

  23. MSFEA/PQ/23/2023-2025 - Implementation of Microsoft Intune

  24. MSFEA/PQ/24/2023-2025 - Provision of Windows Server, AD & Infrastructure Deployment

  25. MSFES /PQ/25/2023-2025 - Provision of Kaspersky Antivirus License

  26. MSFEA/PQ/26/2023-2025 - Provision of Cloud Backup Services

  27. MSFEA/PQ/27/2023-2025 - Provision of Network and cyber security audit

  28. MSFEA/PQ/28/2023-2025 - Provision of ERP implementation: Dynamics 365 BC

  29. MSFEA/PQ/29/2023-2025 - Provision of IT Project Management Services

  30. MSFEA/PQ/30/2023-2025 - Supply and Installation of SharePoint & Power Apps

  31. MSFEA/PQ/31/2023-2025 - Provision of Data Management & Power BI

  32. MSFEA/PQ/32/2023-2025 - Provision of Software development services