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Maryland Global Initiatives Corporation Kenya Tender No: MGIC/UGM PREQUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS FOR 2023-2025 FY (Restricted)


1.General tender Details

Current Status Awarded
Publish Date April 19, 2023
Closing Date April 26, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.
Supplier Access By invitation
Fee Per category Kes 2500.0

Supplier Instructions

Review supplier guide provided for detailed instructions

2. Categories

  1. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-1 - Supply & Delivery of Analytical Laboratory, Medical Equipment/Apparatus, Laboratory Reagents, consumables and chemicals

  2. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-2 - Supply & Delivery of Pharmaceuticals, non-pharmaceuticals, and surgical

  3. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-3 - Supply & Delivery of Fuel, Oil and Lubricants

  4. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-4 - Supply & Delivery of Desktop Computers, copiers, printers and software, toners, mobile phones, cameras, Audiovisual and computer accessories.

  5. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-5 - Supply and delivery of Office Furniture.

  6. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-6 - Supply & Delivery of Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles & Motor boats

  7. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-7 - Supply of Motor Vehicle& Cycles tyres, tubes, Batteries and accessories.

  8. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-8 - Supply of Air Conditioners, Fans, Refrigerators, Freezers.

  9. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-9 - Supply and delivery of standby generators and water pumps

  10. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-10 - Supply & Delivery of Uniforms and Protective clothing

  11. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-11 - Supply & Delivery of Hardware, Paints, & Electrical materials

  12. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-12 - Supply & Delivery of Office Stationery, Printing, Promotional & Visibility materials

  13. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-13 - Supply of Drinking Mineral water and Water Dispensers

  14. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-14 - Supply of General office equipment, items and supplies.

  15. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-15 - Provision of Quantity Surveying Services

  16. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-16 - Provision Maintenance, repairs and Servicing of Laboratory Equipment

  17. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-17 - Provision of Calibration of Laboratory Equipment & Apparatus

  18. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-18 - Provision of Consultancy Services (Baseline Survey, End of Projects Evaluations)

  19. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-19 - Provision of maintenance (garages) services for Motor vehicles, Motorcycles, and motorboats.

  20. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-20 - Provision of Insurance Brokerage and Underwriting Services

  21. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-21 - Provision of Internet/Telecommunication

  22. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-22 - Provision of Internet Network Structured Cabling Services

  23. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-23 - Provision of Security Services, Security Deterrence Services (Alarm systems, biometric access and Controls)

  24. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-24 - Provision of calibration of Laboratory Equipment & Apparatus

  25. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-25 - Provision and maintenance, servicing and inspection of Fire Fighting control extinguishers

  26. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-26 - Provision of Air Travel and Related agency services (IATA accredited firms only)

  27. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-27 - Provision of Motor Vehicle tracking/ fleet management system

  28. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-28 - Provision of Audit Services

  29. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-29 - Provision of Legal Services

  30. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-30 - Provision of Hotel, Conference, Events and Accommodation Facilities and Services/ Catering Services

  31. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-31 - Provision of office cleaning services, general cleaning

  32. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-32 - Provision of web hosting Services/ Provision Software Solutions Development

  33. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-33 - Provision of maintenance and servicing of Electricals, Generators and solar systems

  34. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-34 - Provision of Production of Radio, TV Commercials and Documentaries Services.

  35. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-35 - Provision of Design, layout, Publication, Banners, Production and Colour Printing Services

  36. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-36 - Provision Courier Services

  37. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-37 - Provision of sanitary bins services/ Control of pests (termites, bites, rodents and bees)

  38. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-38 - Provision of Car Hire & Lease Services (Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, Kisii and Migori)

  39. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-39 - Minor Works Contractors (Building)- Renovations, refurbishments and repairs.

  40. MGIC-K/PROC/2023/25-40 - Provision of staff airtime loading