easy contracts Features for Success Jan. 31, 2020, 2:37 p.m.

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easy contracts offers tangible benefits to organizations, enabling the tracking and management of full contract lifecycle from initiation, or the request of a new contract, through drafting, review, approval, execution, and post-execution compliance tracking and repository. 

Here we explore in detail the top ten easy contracts management software features that will help you gain control of your contracts and streamline your processes.

Contract Templates

Use contract templates that are preapproved reduces the turnaround time in contract processing

User Rights and Authority Levels

For security of your contracts, users are categorised by departments, location and authority level. You only see what you are authorised to see.

Task notifications and emails

In-system notifications and emails can help you stay on track both inside and outside the system.  When a task requires your attention, such as a request for signature, you’ll be notified in ample time and may have the option to complete the task in the office or on the go.

Searchable contract records

Contract records are essentially a listing of key contract details to help simplify contract management.  By outlining important details of the document, users can easily find the contract information they’re looking for – such as key dates, renewal notes, counterparty information etc. 

Intelligent contract workflows

Contract workflows take contract management to the next level by automating and streamlining your process.  Each step, from contract drafting to review and approval, gets tracked with real-time status updates and audit tracking.  Those assigned a task, such as legal review or contract for signature, will be notified via email and/or in the system putting an end to any bottlenecks and generally streamlining communication.

Milestone tracking

Key contract activities are outlined and milestones tracked with reminders, notifications, and red flags when before losing track of activities.

Personalised dashboard

A personalised dashboard can help you manage your contracts at a glance.  Dashboards include tools, which provide users with easy access to key areas of the system, such as submission requests or contract status. 

Secure Repository

Working with best cloud servers from Google assures you of security and access to your contract information any time anywhere. Our clients can also choose to use their own cloud servers.

Advanced contract authoring

You can author documents from your organisation’s selected templates using merging field data and clauses from a pre-approved language library in your contract management system. Tracking changes and version control enables in standardization process.