CARE for AIDS Prequalification Feb. 8, 2021, 9 a.m.

Dear Supplier,

Review the following ongoing tender on :

CARE for AIDS  - Closing 12th February 2021 at 1700hours


Please review additional information below;

MANDATORY AREAS: - Kindly ensure you upload all documents and respond to questions marked mandatory and register your payment details for you to be able to submit response.


SAVED DOCUMENTS: - If your documents are in the system from past tenders, ensure you update them with valid ones. Replace documents that expire like TCC, business permit with current ones.


SUBMIT RESPONSE: - The last step in application is submit response. If you don’t submit response, your application will not be processed.

You can always edit your response even after submitting. However, you cannot edit response after the deadline.


TENDER FEE: - Kindly register your payments under Tender Payments tab. An acknowledgement of your payment shall be processed within 24 hours.  You can complete your application and submit response even as you await approval of your payments.


CATEGORIES: - If you are applying for multiple category, select them from the list and submit one application. Be sure to include adequate supporting documentation for all categories applied for.


For queries send email to



SRMhub Team