Nairobi Water Sacco Prequalification of Suppliers

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID Nairobi Water Sacco Prequalification of Suppliers
Current Status Awarded
Publish Date Nov. 8, 2022
Closing Date Closed ( Dec. 7, 2022, 5:30 p.m. )
Supplier Access Open to all
Fee Per category Kes 2500.0

Supplier Instructions

Review the the attached Supplier Guide

2. Categories

  1. NBISCO- GS/01/22 - Supply of Computer Hardware and Software

  2. NBISCO- GS/02/22 - Supply of consumables - toners, cartridges, ribbons, etc.

  3. NBISCO- GS/03/22 - Supply of General Office stationery

  4. NBISCO- GS/04/22 - Supply of Office Furniture and Fitting,filing cabinets

  5. NBISCO- GS/05/22 - Supply and maintenance of safes and strong room equipment

  6. NBISCO- GS/06/22 - Designing, branding and production of promotional material and signages- banners, brochures, gifts among others

  7. NBISCO- GS/07/22 - Supply of Staff uniform

  8. NBISCO- GS/08/22 - Supply and maintenance of security access control devices and biometric equipment

  9. NBISCO- GS/09/22 - Supply and installation of Electrical works

  10. NBISCO- GS/10/22 - Supply and maintenance of power backup systems

  11. NBISCO- GS/11/22 - Supply and maintenance of firefighting equipment e.g. fire extinguishers etc.

  12. NBISCO- GS/12/22 - Supply and installation of Air Conditioners

  13. NBISCO- PS/13/22 - Provision of Medical Insurance Services - Staff

  14. NBISCO- PS/14/22 - Provision of general insurances cover (loan protection cover, deposit cover, GPA/WIBA, group life cover, fidelity cover, money cover, fire & peril, all risk cover, burglary cover and comprehensive insurance cover for motor vehicles & motorcycles).

  15. NBISCO- PS/15/22 - Provision of cyber security insurance cover

  16. NBISCO- PS/16/22 - Provision of External Audit Services

  17. NBISCO- PS/17/22 - Provision of Courier Services

  18. NBISCO- PS/18/22 - Provision of Legal Services

  19. NBISCO- PS/19/22 - Provision of Security guard services and Cash in Transit

  20. NBISCO- PS/20/22 - Provision of Structured cabling and CCTV Maintenance Services

  21. NBISCO- PS/21/22 - Provision of Valuation services - MotorVehicles and other chattels

  22. NBISCO- PS/22/22 - Provision of Valuation Services - Land and Buildings

  23. NBISCO- PS/23/22 - Provision of Debt Collection and Auctioneering Services

  24. NBISCO- PS/24/22 - Provision of Staff, Board, Delegates Training Services

  25. NBISCO- PS/25/22 - Provision of ICT system security audit services

  26. NBISCO- PS/26/22 - Provision of fumigation services

  27. NBISCO- PS/27/22 - Provision of catering services

  28. NBISCO- PS/28/22 - Provision of event management & decoration services

  29. NBISCO- PS/29/22 - Provision of photography/videography, Sacco documentary, Public Address systems and related services

  30. NBISCO- PS/30/22 - Provision of team building facilitation services

  31. NBISCO- PS/31/22 - Provision of vehicle tracking/fleet management services

  32. NBISCO- PS/32/22 - Provision of development, hosting and maintenance of website

  33. NBISCO- PS/33/22 - Provision of Fire safety training & first Aid training

  34. NBISCO- PS/34/22 - Provision of Hotel, Conference and Accommodation services

  35. NBISCO- PS/35/22 - Provision of transport services (vans, minibuses and buses)

  36. NBISCO- PS/36/22 - Provision of Disaster Recovery services

  37. NBISCO- PS/37/22 - Provision of Bulk sms services

  38. NBISCO- PS/38/22 - Provision of digital communication, signage and outdoor advertising services

  39. NBISCO- PS/39/22 - Provision of Data backup services

  40. NBISCO-RM/40/22 - Maintenance of Computer Hardware and Software

  41. NBISCO-RM/41/22 - Maintenance of ICT networks (LAN and WAN)

  42. NBISCO-RM/42/22 - Service and Maintenance of photocopiers and printers

  43. NBISCO-RM/43/22 - Service and Maintenance of telephone systems

  44. NBISCO-RM/44/22 - Service and Maintenance of Air Conditioners

  45. NBISCO-RM/45/22 - Office partitioning/Renovation services

  46. NBISCO-RM/46/22 - Service and Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment

  47. NBISCO-RM/47/22 - Repair of office furniture and fittings

  48. NBISCO-CS/48/22 - Provision of Tax Consultancy Services

  49. NBISCO-CS/49/22 - Provision of Marketing, Research & Intelligence Consultancy Services

  50. NBISCO-CS/50/22 - Provision of ICT security Audit and Network penetration testing services

  51. NBISCO-CS/51/22 - Provision Human Resources (HR) Consultancy Services

  52. NBISCO-CS/52/22 - Provision of Architectural consultancy including Quantity surveying Services