Shoppers Sacco Supplier Prequalification 2023

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID Shoppers Sacco Supplier Prequalification 2023
Current Status Awarded
Publish Date March 16, 2023
Closing Date Closed ( April 14, 2023, 5:30 p.m. )
Supplier Access Open to all
Fee Per category Kes 2500.0

Supplier Instructions

Review Supplier Guide for Detailed instructions Due to the long Easter Weekend the Submission Date is now extended to April 14 2023

2. Categories

  1. SSS- GS/01/23 - Supply of office Furniture, Furnishings, Fittings and equipment

  2. SSS- GS/02/23 - Supply of Office Utilities (Dispensed water, mineral water, milk, cleaning items and other items

  3. SSS- GS/03/23 - Supply and maintenance of Generators

  4. SSS- GS/04/23 - Supply and maintenance of safes and strong room equipment

  5. SSS- GS/05/23 - Designing, branding and production of promotional material and signages-Staff uniform, banners, brochures, gifts among others

  6. SSS- GS/06/23 - Supply and maintenance of servers and server’s software

  7. SSS- GS/07/23 - Supply and maintenance of security access control devices and biometric equipment

  8. SSS- GS/08/23 - Supply and installation of Electrical works

  9. SSS- GS/09/23 - Supply and servicing of money counting machines (notes and coin) and fake money detectors

  10. SSS- GS/10/23 - Supply and maintenance of firefighting equipment e.g. fire extinguishers, Fire Alarm System etc

  11. SSS- GS/11/23 - Provision of Medical Insurance Services - Staff

  12. SSS- GS/12/23 - Provision of general insurances cover (loan protection cover, deposit cover, GPA/WIBA, group life cover, fidelity cover, money cover, fire & peril, all risk cover, burglary cover and comprehensive insurance cover for motor vehicles & motorcycles)

  13. SSS- GS/13/23 - Provision of cyber security insurance cover

  14. SSS- GS/14/23 - Provision of External Audit & Tax Consultancy Services

  15. SSS- GS/15/23 - Provision of Courier Services

  16. SSS- GS/16/23 - Provision of Legal Services-Litigation and Conveyance

  17. SSS- GS/17/23 - Provision of Structured cabling and CCTV Maintenance Services

  18. SSS- GS/18/23 - Provision of Valuation services – Motor Vehicles and other chattels

  19. SSS- GS/19/23 - Provision of Valuation Services - Land and Buildings

  20. SSS- GS/20/23 - Provision of Debt Collection and Auctioneering Services

  21. SSS- GS/21/23 - Provision and Supply, installation and maintenance of Computer software and systems. (Domain & Firewall Management)

  22. SSS- GS/22/23 - Provision of Staff, Board, Delegates Training Services

  23. SSS- GS/23/23 - Provision of ICT system security audit services

  24. SSS- GS/24/23 - Provision of virtual Corporate Event Management System, Online Voting, and live streaming system

  25. SSS- GS/25/23 - Provision of fumigation services

  26. SSS- GS/26/23 - Provision of Catering services

  27. SSS- GS/27/23 - Provision of event management & decoration services

  28. SSS- GS/28/23 - Provision of team building facilitation services

  29. SSS- GS/29/23 - Provision of vehicle tracking/fleet management services

  30. SSS- GS/30/23 - Provision of Occupational Health Safety, Fire and First Aid Training, workplace Compliance Audit

  31. SSS- GS/31/23 - Provision of Provision of Conference and Accommodation services

  32. SSS- GS/32/23 - Provision of International Air flights, Hotel booking, Car hire and Taxi services

  33. SSS- GS/33/23 - Provision of transport services (vans, minibuses and buses)

  34. SSS- GS/34/23 - Provision of Disaster Recovery services

  35. SSS- GS/35/23 - Provision of Bulk SMS services

  36. SSS- GS/36/23 - Provision of digital communication, signage and outdoor advertising services

  37. SSS- GS/37/23 - Service and Maintenance of Air Conditioners

  38. SSS- GS/38/23 - Provision of Office partitioning/Renovation services

  39. SSS- GS/39/23 - Provision of Marketing, Research & Intelligence Consultancy Services

  40. SSS- GS/40/23 - Provision of ICT security Audit and Network penetration testing services

  41. SSS- GS/41/23 - Provision Human Resources (HR) Consultancy Services

  42. SSS- GS/42/23 - Provision of Architectural consultancy including Quantity surveying Services

  43. SSS- GS/43/23 - Provision of Network infrastructure, Cloud services and Internet Services and Cloud services

  44. SSS- GS/44/23 - Provision of Cash in Transit services

  45. SSS- GS/45/23 - Provision of Project Management Consultancy Services

  46. SSS- GS/46/23 - Provision of General Construction and Civil Works services

  47. SSS- GS/47/23 - Provision of Architectural Services

  48. SSS- GS/48/23 - Provision of Quantity Surveying Services

  49. SSS- GS/49/23 - Provision of Market Survey Consultancy Services

  50. SSS- GS/50/23 - Supply of consumables - toners, cartridges, ribbons, etc

  51. SSS- GS/51/23 - Supply of General Office stationery

  52. SSS- GS/53/23 - Provision for cloud computing services

  53. SSS- GS/54/23 - Provisions for mobile banking services

  54. SSS- GS/52/23 - Maintenance & Repair of Telephones

  55. SSS- GS/55/23 - Provision of Guarding Services