CIB Kenya Limited Supplier Prequalification for the Year 2024 - Year 2026 Period

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID CIB Kenya Limited Supplier Prequalification for the Year 2024 - Year 2026 Period
Current Status Evaluation
Publish Date March 21, 2024
Closing Date Closed ( April 15, 2024, 5 p.m. )
Supplier Access Open to all
Fee Per category Kes 0.0

Supplier Instructions

Please download supplier guide provided for detailed instructions

2. Categories

  1. CIB/PQ/001/2024-2026 - Supply of printed stationeries

  2. CIB/PQ/002/2024-2026 - Supply of Leather products e.g. Leather Bags, Wallets, A4 folders

  3. CIB/PQ/003/2024-2026 - Supply of Branded promotional materials (T-shirts, Caps & Shirts)

  4. CIB/PQ/004/2024-2026 - Supply of Assorted Items (i.e. Trophies, Branded Gift items, Phones, Cameras, Photo Frames, Artworks)

  5. CIB/PQ/005/2024-2026 - Supply of rubber stamps and company seals

  6. CIB/PQ/006/2024-2026 - Supply of Plastic Seals, canvas mail bags, Coin Bags, Branded CBK repatriation Bags for Cash-in-Transit and Metallic D-locks

  7. CIB/PQ/007/2024-2026 - Supply of non-printed stationery

  8. CIB/PQ/008/2024-2026 - Supply of ATM and transaction receipt printer stationery (pre-printed receipt rolls & other stationeries

  9. CIB/PQ/009/2024-2026 - Supply of LTO Data Tapes

  10. CIB/PQ/010/2024-2026 - Supply, fitting and aligning of Motor vehicle tyres, tubes, batteries and accessories

  11. CIB/PQ/011/2024-2026 - Supply of milk (fresh and long life)

  12. CIB/PQ/012/2024-2026 - Supply of furniture, fittings and furnishings

  13. CIB/PQ/013/2024-2026 - Supply of office tiles and carpets

  14. CIB/PQ/014/2024-2026 - Supply of toners and cartridges

  15. CIB/PQ/015/2024-2026 - Supply of bottled drinking water

  16. CIB/PQ/016/2024-2026 - Supply of branded confectionery items

  17. CIB/PQ/017/2024-2026 - Supply, Maintenance & Service of Fire Suppression systems

  18. CIB/PQ/018/2024-2026 - Provision of Digital Media Signage Solution

  19. CIB/PQ/019/2024-2026 - Supply and Maintenance of projectors

  20. CIB/PQ/020/2024-2026 - Supply and maintenance of generators

  21. CIB/PQ/021/2024-2026 - Supply and implementation of of eboard solutions/platforms

  22. CIB/PQ/022/2024-2026 - Supply and maintenance of potted plants and flowers

  23. CIB/PQ/023/2024-2026 - Supply, installation and maintenance of ATM machines

  24. CIB/PQ/024/2024-2026 - Supply and maintenance of safes, fire resistant cabinets and strong room doors.

  25. CIB/PQ/025/2024-2026 - Supply & maintenance of note and coin counters, cash strappers, sealing machines, bulk note acceptors and shredders

  26. CIB/PQ/026/2024-2026 - Supply of queue leads and queue management systems

  27. CIB/PQ/027/2024-2026 - Supply of personal protective equipment (e.g disposable masks, gloves etc)

  28. CIB/PQ/028/2024-2026 - Supply of USB call centre headsets

  29. CIB/PQ/029/2024-2026 - Supply of staff ID cards accessories (branded lanyards, staff ID card holders)

  30. CIB/PQ/030/2024-2026 - Supply of RFID cards, blank non-RFID printable cards

  31. CIB/PQ/031/2024-2026 - Supply of computers hardware, printers, laptops, cameras and other computer accessories

  32. CIB/PQ/032/2024-2026 - Supply and maintenance of power back- up systems,UPS and power stabilizers

  33. CIB/PQ/033/2024-2026 - Supply of asset tagging, bar codes and provision of asset tracking services

  34. CIB/PQ/034/2024-2026 - Supply of motor vehicle/generator fuel (petrol & diesel)

  35. CIB/PQ/035/2024-2026 - Supply of point of sale materials

  36. CIB/PQ/036/2024-2026 - Supply of Office air freshners and Sanitary bins

  37. CIB/PQ/037/2024-2026 - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Access Control Systems

  38. CIB/PQ/038/2024-2026 - Supply and Installation of Mobile Banking Applications

  39. CIB/PQ/039/2024-2026 - Supply and Installation of Internet Banking Platform

  40. CIB/PQ/040/2024-2026 - Supply and Installation of an employee online recruitment platform

  41. CIB/PQ/041/2024-2026 - Supply ,Installation and commisioning of a Learning Management System

  42. CIB/PQ/042/2024-2026 - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solution

  43. CIB/PQ/043/2024-2026 - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Data loss prevention (DLP) & Data Classification solution

  44. CIB/PQ/044/2024-2026 - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of DDOS solution

  45. CIB/PQ/045/2024-2026 - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of an Enterprise Middleware Solution

  46. CIB/PQ/046/2024-2026 - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a Fixed Asset Management Solution

  47. CIB/PQ/047/2024-2026 - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a call manager solution

  48. CIB/PQ/048/2024-2026 - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a Global Reconciliation System

  49. CIB/PQ/049/2024-2026 - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a Strategic Management Reports (SMR) System

  50. CIB/PQ/050/2024-2026 - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of an Online account opening platform

  51. CIB/PQ/051/2024-2026 - Supply, installation and maintenance of a call centre management system

  52. CIB/PQ/052/2024-2026 - Provision of property agent services

  53. CIB/PQ/053/2024-2026 - Provision of credit referencing services

  54. CIB/PQ/054/2024-2026 - Provision of indoor and outdoor branding services

  55. CIB/PQ/055/2024-2026 - Provision of document archiving services

  56. CIB/PQ/056/2024-2026 - Provision of car tracking services

  57. CIB/PQ/057/2024-2026 - Provision of environmental and social due diligence and consultancy services

  58. CIB/PQ/058/2024-2026 - Provision of office beverage vending services

  59. CIB/PQ/059/2024-2026 - Provision of landscaping & swimming pool maintenance services

  60. CIB/PQ/060/2024-2026 - Provision of energy audit services

  61. CIB/PQ/061/2024-2026 - Provision of private investigation services

  62. CIB/PQ/062/2024-2026 - Provision of office cleaning and sanitary services

  63. CIB/PQ/063/2024-2026 - Provision of security documents printing services e.g. cheque books

  64. CIB/PQ/064/2024-2026 - Provision of cash-in–transit and offsite atm management services

  65. CIB/PQ/065/2024-2026 - Provision of fumigation and pest control services

  66. CIB/PQ/066/2024-2026 - Provision of printer leasing services

  67. CIB/PQ/067/2024-2026 - Provision of employee background screening/checks services

  68. CIB/PQ/068/2024-2026 - Provision of professional relocation and removal services (Local & International)

  69. CIB/PQ/069/2024-2026 - Provision of international and local courier services

  70. CIB/PQ/070/2024-2026 - Provision of bulk SMS and email services

  71. CIB/PQ/071/2024-2026 - Provision of market research services

  72. CIB/PQ/072/2024-2026 - Provisions of customer service survey services, NPS tracking and mystery shopping

  73. CIB/PQ/073/2024-2026 - Provision of staff outsourcing, training and recruitment services

  74. CIB/PQ/074/2024-2026 - Provision of ICT Consultancy services and ICT project management

  75. CIB/PQ/075/2024-2026 - Provision of Data Centre Co-location services

  76. CIB/PQ/076/2024-2026 - Provision of CRS Reporting consultancy and Audit Services

  77. CIB/PQ/077/2024-2026 - Provision of disposal of electronic waste services (computer hardware, software & telephones)

  78. CIB/PQ/078/2024-2026 - Provision of unarmed security guarding services

  79. CIB/PQ/079/2024-2026 - Provision of services for installation and maintenance of intruder alarm and CCTV system

  80. CIB/PQ/080/2024-2026 - Provision of communication services (PR services)

  81. CIB/PQ/081/2024-2026 - Provision of communication services (Digital Marketing services)

  82. CIB/PQ/082/2024-2026 - Provision of media planning & buying services

  83. CIB/PQ/083/2024-2026 - Provision of creative (ATL/BTL) Advertising services

  84. CIB/PQ/084/2024-2026 - Provision of experiential marketing services (roadshows, merchandising, direct marketing, activations)

  85. CIB/PQ/085/2024-2026 - Provision of events management and décor set up services

  86. CIB/PQ/086/2024-2026 - Provision of Professional Photography, videography & related services

  87. CIB/PQ/087/2024-2026 - Provision of sound entertainment services (PA System, DJ, Audio-Visuals & Related services)

  88. CIB/PQ/088/2024-2026 - Provision of catering services

  89. CIB/PQ/089/2024-2026 - Provision of Integrated Security Services Solution (CCTV, Access Control, Intruder & Fire Alarms)

  90. CIB/PQ/090/2024-2026 - Provision of website hosting and maintenance services

  91. CIB/PQ/091/2024-2026 - Provision of car hire services including taxis, buses and minibuses

  92. CIB/PQ/092/2024-2026 - Provision of HR Consultancy services

  93. CIB/PQ/093/2024-2026 - Provision of OSHA audit services

  94. CIB/PQ/094/2024-2026 - Provision of Immigration support services (Permits, VISAs)

  95. CIB/PQ/095/2024-2026 - Provision of vehicle repair and maintenance services (Toyota/BMW/Jaguar/Mercedes)

  96. CIB/PQ/096/2024-2026 - Provision of Architectural/interior design consultancy services

  97. CIB/PQ/097/2024-2026 - Provision of Electrical engineering consultancy services

  98. CIB/PQ/098/2024-2026 - Provision of mechanical engineering consultancy services

  99. CIB/PQ/099/2024-2026 - Provision of Civil/structural engineering consultancy services

  100. CIB/PQ/100/2024-2026 - Provision of Construction management consultancy services

  101. CIB/PQ/101/2024-2026 - Provision of Quantity surveying consultancy services

  102. CIB/PQ/102/2024-2026 - Provision of Physical security consultancy services

  103. CIB/PQ/103/2024-2026 - Provision of Energy audit services

  104. CIB/PQ/104/2024-2026 - Provision of Cyber Security Penetration Testing services

  105. CIB/PQ/105/2024-2026 - Provision of Consumer Research services

  106. CIB/PQ/106/2024-2026 - Provision of Bill Payments Aggregation Services

  107. CIB/PQ/107/2024-2026 - Provision of motor vehicle sale/lease services (Toyota/BMW/Jaguar/Mercedes)

  108. CIB/PQ/108/2024-2026 - Provision of garbage collection and waste management services

  109. CIB/PQ/109/2024-2026 - Provision of car hire and app based taxi hailing services

  110. CIB/PQ/110/2024-2026 - Provision Of Environmental Impact Assessment And audit Services

  111. CIB/PQ/111/2024-2026 - Provision Of Fire Safety Training

  112. CIB/PQ/112/2024-2026 - Provision Of Insurance Brokerage & Risk Management Services

  113. CIB/PQ/113/2024-2026 - Provision of ISO Certification Training services

  114. CIB/PQ/114/2024-2026 - Provision of plumbing Services

  115. CIB/PQ/115/2024-2026 - Provision Of Sustainability External Assurance Services

  116. CIB/PQ/116/2024-2026 - Provision Of Staff/HR Training Services

  117. CIB/PQ/117/2024-2026 - Provision Of Travel Management & Hotel Bookings services

  118. CIB/PQ/118/2024-2026 - Software Development Services

  119. CIB/PQ/119/2024-2026 - Manufacturers/distributors of Kitchen and toiletry products

  120. CIB/PQ/120/2024-2026 - Provision of premises maintenance and repair works

  121. CIB/PQ/121/2024-2026 - Provision of structured cabling works

  122. CIB/PQ/122/2024-2026 - Builders works contractors

  123. CIB/PQ/123/2024-2026 - Electrical works contractors

  124. CIB/PQ/124/2024-2026 - Mechanical and HVAC works contractors