CarMax Service Centre Ltd Supplier Prequalification 2024 to 2026

1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID CarMax Service Centre Ltd Supplier Prequalification 2024 to 2026
Current Status Evaluation
Publish Date April 17, 2024
Closing Date Closed ( May 22, 2024, 9:53 a.m. )
Supplier Access Open to all
Fee Per category Kes 2000.0

Supplier Instructions

Review Supplier guide for detailed instructions

2. Categories

  1. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/01 - Supply and delivery of general office stationery

  2. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/02 - Supply and delivery of print stationery

  3. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/03 - Supply and delivery of office furniture and fittings, filing cabinets

  4. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/04 - Supply and delivery of staff uniforms, protective wear- PPE clothing, textile, linen & safety shoes

  5. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/05 - Supply of mineral drinking water and maintenance of water dispenser

  6. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/06 - Provision of courier and postage services

  7. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/07 - Provision of debt collection services

  8. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/08 - Provision of staff training services (TOT, sales training, customer service, executive coaching, report writing)

  9. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/09 - Provision of Legal Aid Services

  10. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/010 - Provision of team building facilitation services

  11. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/011 - Provision of mechanical consultancy services

  12. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/012 - Provision of credit references services

  13. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/013 - Supply of branded promotional materials and merchandise (e.g. apparel, umbrellas, bags, etc.)

  14. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/014 - Supply, installation and maintenance of branded signage - internal and external (directional boards and road signs, plyons etc.)

  15. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/015 - Provision of photography, videography and editing services for corporate or marketing activities

  16. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/016 - Supply of branded marketing collateral - media banner, tear drops, heavy base roll up banners, back drops etc.

  17. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/017 - Provision of marketing research services

  18. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/018 - Provision of bulk SMS services

  19. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/019 - Supply of corporate gift items

  20. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/020 - Provision of minor works contractors (building) -renovations, refurbishments and repairs

  21. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/021 - Provision of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and allied maintenance services

  22. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/022 - Supply, installation and maintenance of generators

  23. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/023 - Provision of clean water (with bowsers)

  24. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/024 - Supply, installation, preventive maintenance and repair of CCTV cameras

  25. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/025 - Provision of security services (guarding)

  26. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/026 - Provision of security services, security deterrence services (alarm systems, access control)

  27. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/027 - Supply and maintenance of electric fences

  28. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/028 - Provision of intranet network, internet, WAN, network active devices, structured cabling services

  29. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/029 - Provision of website development and maintenance

  30. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/030 - Provision of computer software and licenses e.g antivirus

  31. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/031 - Supply and installation of power pack-power backup

  32. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/032 - Provision of development of mobile applications services

  33. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/033 - Supply, installation and maintenance of fire extinguishers and fire alarm

  34. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/034 - Supply of first aid equipment-kit

  35. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/035 - Provision of general waste- garbage collection & disposal

  36. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/036 - Provision of oil water separator cleaning

  37. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/037 - Supply of fine sawdust for use at the workshop

  38. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/038 - Provision of statutory annual medical examinations

  39. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/039 - Provision first aid training services

  40. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/040 - Provision of vehicle conversion services - Safari station wagon, commercial vehicles, medium and large buses

  41. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/041 - Provision of Ambulance conversion services eg Hiace, land cruiser ambulance etc

  42. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/042 - Supply of vehicle accessories OEM (Bullbar, side steps, door visor, tow ropes, wheel locks,etc) for Landcruiser, Hilux Single Cab & Double Cab,SUV and salon cars.

  43. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/043 - Supply of vehicle batteries

  44. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/044 - Provision of motor vehicle branding services

  45. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/045 - Provision of computerized and sand blasting ,vehicle identity services and full vehicle asset marking services

  46. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/046 - Provision of fabrication services for buses, trucks (body building)

  47. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/047 - Supply of motor vehicle body parts

  48. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/048 - Supply and installation of digital speed-limiting governors

  49. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/049 - Supply and installation of car alarm systems, central locking system services and gear locks

  50. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/050 - Provision of upholstery services, supply and repairs of canopy canvas

  51. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/051 - Supply and installation of vehicle electronics( eg Car stereo pioneer & sony models)

  52. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/052 - Supply of tyres and tubes for motor vehicles

  53. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/053 - Provision of vehicle towing and recovery services

  54. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/054 - Provision of vehicle window tinting services

  55. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/055 - Provision of vehicle valuation services

  56. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/056 - Provision of vehicle tracking services

  57. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/057 - Supply of automotive workshop consumables, flammable gases, automotive paints

  58. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/058 - Supply of general hardware items

  59. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/059 - Provision of scrap metal disposal services

  60. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/060 - Supply of Automotive workshop tool eg Drilling, grinding tools, mig machines, car wash machines and Warehouse Equipment i.e trolleys, trolley jacks etc

  61. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/061 - Provision of Service, Repair and Maintenance of Automotive workshop tools

  62. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/062 - Supply of Vehicle protective gear (seat covers, steering covers, fender covers etc.)

  63. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/063 - Provision of Vehicle upholstery repair services

  64. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/064 - Provision of Vehicle AC repair services

  65. CarMax/2024-2026/PQ/065 - Supply of motor vehicle mechanical spare parts and consumables (Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Hyundai, Subaru, Lexus, Mazda, Kia, Porsche, Jeep, Volvo, Mitsubishi)