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1.General tender Details

Project Name/ID PRE-QUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS FOR THE FY 2023/2024-(Invitation)
Current Status Awarded
Publish Date Dec. 9, 2022
Closing Date Closed ( Dec. 14, 2022, 5 p.m. )
Supplier Access By invitation
Behaviour Open
Behaviour Open
Fee Per category Kes 2500.0

Supplier Instructions

The Veterinary Laboratory Sports Club commonly referred to as VetLab Sports Club and widely revered as a golf club, is an 18-hole golf course located in Upper Kabete, Nairobi. The Club prides itself in being the bedrock on which great golfing talent is identified, nurtured and grown, with membership open to every Kenyan within the provisions of the club’s Constitution. The Golf Club wishes to prequalify competent & eligible bidders for the under listed categories for the Supply & Delivery of various Goods, Services and works for a two -year period. VetLab has appointed SRM eProcurement as the consultants for this project. The pre-qualification process will therefore be conducted online via SRM eProcurement Portal. Interested suppliers should access and register on and select “Vetlab Sports Club” under “Apply Tender”.

2. Categories

  1. VLSC/07/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of wines & Spirits , Beer & Cigars

  2. VLSC/01/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of Dry Goods/Foods

  3. VLSC/02/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of Fresh Vegetables And Fruits

  4. VLSC/03/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of Soft Drinks

  5. VLSC/04/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of Meat & related products

  6. VLSC/05/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of poultry & Eggs

  7. VLSC/06/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of Dairy products

  8. VLSC/08/2023-24 - Supply of drinking water , water dispensers and drinking cups

  9. VLSC/09/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of cleaning Detergents & Polishes

  10. VLSC/10/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of Toiletries

  11. VLSC/11/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of General Hardware , Electrical & Construction Material/Equipment

  12. VLSC/12/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of Golf Course Chemicals & Fertilizers

  13. VLSC/13/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of Staff Uniforms & Personal protective Clothing

  14. VLSC/14/2023-24 - Supply of Printed Office Stationery (Letterhead, Diaries, Notebooks, Envelopes)

  15. VLSC/15/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of genuine ink toners and cartridges, Data card ribbons, plain PVC cards

  16. VLSC/16/2023-24 - Supply & delivery of General Office Stationery

  17. VLSC/17/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of Fuel ,Oil, Gas and related products

  18. VLSC/18/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of Kitchen Equipment & Electrical Equipment

  19. VLSC/19/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery Golf Course Machinery & Equipment

  20. VLSC/20/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of Building materials e.g sand, ballast, hardcore, murram etc

  21. VLSC/21/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of Kitchen ware, cutlery and crockery

  22. VLSC/22/2023-24 - Supply & Delivery of Office Furniture, fitting & office equipment

  23. VLSC/23/2023-24 - Provision of Plumbing Services

  24. VLSC/24/2023-24 - Supply and maintenance of power backup system, power inverters, AVR/AVS and UPS

  25. VLSC/25/2023-24 - Provision of garbage collection services

  26. VLSC/26/2023-24 - Provision of fumigation & pest control services

  27. VLSC/27/2023-24 - Provision of sanitary services

  28. VLSC/28/2023-24 - Provision of Cleaning & Upholstery Services

  29. VLSC/29/2023-24 - Provision of repairs & maintenance of gym equipment

  30. VLSC/30/2023-24 - Food and Beverage Equipment Maintenance

  31. VLSC/31/2023-24 - Electrical works Maintenance

  32. VLSC/32/2023-24 - Maintenance and servicing of Irrigation and Water Pumps

  33. VLSC/33/2023-24 - Provision of Landscaping and Floral arrangements services

  34. VLSC/34/2023-24 - Provision of Laundry services

  35. VLSC/35/2023-24 - Supply of IT equipment (computers, laptops, UPS unit, servers, phones and related accessories)

  36. VLSC/36/2023-24 - Supply, installation and maintenance of communication equipment (VHF,PABX-VOIP, telephone etc) and related accessories

  37. VLSC/37/2023-24 - Provision of internet services-Fiber and wireless

  38. VLSC/38/2023-24 - Repair and maintenance of servers

  39. VLSC/39/2023-24 - Repair and maintenance of Laptops, desktops and UPS unit

  40. VLSC/40/2023-24 - Provision of communication and collaboration services (Bulk Emails, Data sharing ,bulk SMS)

  41. VLSC/41/2023-24 - Provision of data recovery services

  42. VLSC/42/2023-24 - Provision of security services-physical guarding services, alarm response and alarm equipment maintenance services

  43. VLSC/43/2023-24 - Provision of training services

  44. VLSC/44/2023-24 - Provision of occupational Health and safety audit and training services

  45. VLSC/45/2023-24 - Provision of HR recruiting and selection services

  46. VLSC/46/2023-24 - Provision of other HR services that includes a review of the HR Policy, Organizational Structure, Job Evaluation and development of grading and remuneration structure

  47. VLSC/47/2022-24 - Provision of general printing services, design, colour separation and printing promotional, communication and advertising materials eg. Printing T-shirts, caps, banners, fliers, booklets, brochures etc

  48. VLSC/48/2022-24 - Supply of Branded corporate items

  49. VLSC/49/2022-24 - Provision of events management services (provision of tent & décor services, interior design, Sound etc)

  50. VLSC/50/2023-2024 - Design and supply of Uniforms