Make Quality Tender Application March 25, 2019, 7:50 p.m.

Last week we made a closed call for quotation for a buyer a for security services. It seemed pretty easy at first but once we got to the stage of reviewing documents submitted, the problems started. It is apparent that many vendors are in a rush to complete questionnaires and upload a batch of documents without reading instructions.

Here are some do’s and don’ts:

Upload all mandatory documents. When you miss a single mandatory document, you make the evaluators team work easier because they cannot consider your application for the rest of evaluation process. That is not the spirit! The spirit of vendor evaluation is to identify vendors that satisfy the buyer’s requirements so as to support each other’s business in foreseeable future.

Do not substitute: When asked for a lease, title or contract to proof presence of office premises, do not substitute with utility bills or a map.

Upload documents in complete form: A few vendors scan parts of documents and upload instead of complete documents. Do not assume you know what the buyer is looking for. For instance when asked for audited financial report, the buyer may be interested more with the auditors signature than the figures therein.

Qualitative versus quantitative information: - Focus on quality not quantity. When asked for 3 letters of recommendation, choose three that are relevant to the work at hand in terms of similar goods to organizations in same industry as the buyer.

Unsigned documents make you appear too casual.

Keep documents updated: - Buyers are very keen on documents that expire and should be kept up to date e.g tax compliance, business permit and insurance contracts.

Read instructions and buyers guiding documents: They buyers guide provides lead in the way to respond to questions.

When a buyer’s guide says “Our payment terms is 30 days from the date of invoice” With this guide, as a vendor what should you state as your terms of payment? A number of buyers end up dropping vendors who cannot work within their terms and policies.

Ensure Documents Match: Most information a buyer is looking for can be found in one or more documents requested. Ensure they all match. Mismatch could be construed to mean information provided is fake and your application disqualified. For instance if your company was incorporated in 2016, how is it possible to have audited accounts of 2015 under the same name?

When you change your company’s name or type of business registration, include that as part of information provided.

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