Inside the Evaluation Room March 19, 2019, 10:57 p.m.

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It is important for suppliers to understand the adjudication process when one is responding to a Tender or Request for Proposal. The evaluation committee will largely be guided by these steps. Understand the process and you most likely will get a chance to proceed to the next round. Whether the process is manual or computerized, these stages will be observed.

Opening and recording of tenders

When tenders are opened, the features of each tender usually are announced and recorded include the name of the bidder, bid price. Tenders usually are endorsed and dated with the approved tender stamp of the organization.

Checking responsiveness

The evaluation officials will determine the whether or not tenders offers are complete by checking:

  • The tender complies with all the conditions of the tender or RFP;
  • The tender has been properly completed and signed;
  • The tender meets the minimum resource objectives;

Above are just some of the requirements that have to be met in order for your response to advance in the tender process. Any tender that does not meet the stipulated requirements will be regarded as being non-responsive and eliminated at this stage. All responsive tenders will proceed to the next stage.

Price Review

The prices of all responsive tenders are checked for errors. Bidders who have tendered an unrealistically low price can be interviewed to determine whether there is a valid reason for its tender price being unrealistically low. If the bidder cannot supply a valid reason, the tender would most probably be eliminated.

Award of points for Functionality

Tenders that remain in contention will be awarded points for functionality (technical review) based on a pre-set criteria.

Awarding of points for Price

At this stage the points for price will be awarded according to a pre-set criteria. Prices are usually adjusted to a common base so that it can be comparable with each bidder’s price.

Summation of points

The points awarded for price will be added for each tender and, subject to satisfactory risk analysis; the tender which has been awarded the highest total number of points will be recommended for acceptance.

Risk Analysis

An Organ of State will do a risk analyses before acceptance of any tender to ensure that it would, if accepted, not place the organization or the tenderer, at undue risk.