Improve turnaround time in pre-qualification by 70%. March 25, 2019, 7:54 p.m.

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The purpose of the pre qualification is to help a buyer carry out an initial sift of potential bidders by testing whether they have the capability to deliver and manage contracts. It can also help providers determine whether they have the capacity and/or expertise to deliver a particular service before they spend time completing a lengthier tender.  

Largely an effective supplier registration questionnaire has three parts;

Part 1 covers the basic information about the supplier.

Part 2 covers a self-declaration regarding whether or not any of the exclusion grounds apply. Mandatory exclusions include suppliers declared bankrupt, guilty of organized crime, corruption and fraud.

Part 3 covers a self-declaration regarding whether or not the company meets the economic, financial, technical and professional selection criteria.

Supplier selection should effectively cover compliance and capability.

For improved turnaround make it focused and simple to complete. Get suppliers to qualify information submitted with documentary evidence by scanning and uploading requisite documents.

Ensure e-procurement solution in use allows for supplier on-boarding.

Be specific on categories and more so categories should be specific to your business requirements. For instance instead of having a category called maintenance of equipment, you can break it down into more specific categories generators maintenance, Solar equipment maintenance, Air conditioning equipment maintenance .e.t.c.

How will you carry out evaluation? Make scoring criteria know to the suppliers so that they can focus on areas that matter most to buyer’s decision making.

Our experience at SRMhub is that with digital questionnaires and specific information that is clear to both buyer and supplier, you’ll achieve up to 70% efficiency while you improve supplier quality.

It is worth noting that prequalification is not an end in itself but a means to an end. Find P2P solution provider who will walk with you after prequalification. Such a provider should provide a solution for seeking quotations (RFQ), vendor management, requisition management, contract management, PO, GRN and Payments process.