Are we too busy to improve? March 26, 2019, 8:05 a.m.

too busy

There are times in life, as in business, when you look around and think, “I must get around to doing that”. There are things that need doing, and things that you want to do, but there’s always something that’s a pressing priority.

Consequently, it’s those people that shout loudest or the most urgent issues that get dealt with. This means that we tend to live with the things that aren’t the most urgent until we get around to fixing them.

Could the things we ignore be costing us money and making our products expensive?

In the Procurement field it is absolutely critical we keep our eyes open for that new process, new technology, or even new business that could impact our company’s bottom line either as a great cost reduction, a good process improvement or could that be strong competition to my company if it is used by my competition, or is my competition.

Are there processes we ignored that could be costing us business? This should be a question in every supplier’s mind.

Did you give up on participating in tenders? Is it because you are too busy to gather and keep documents updated? Why haven’t you compiled and communicated various policies with your teams?

Buyers should strive to have their suppliers “clean up” their internal process for sustainable business relationships. Review the amount of money spent on a supplier regularly to establish possible risk exposure and ensure the supplier takes corrective action in terms of compliance.

Categories like suppliers of fruits and vegetables, vehicle repairs and garages are examples of highly non-compliant suppliers. This gets worse if the services are needed outside major cities.

Let’s not be too busy, let’s keep improving.