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Unaitas Sacco

Tender No Unaitas2018
Description Unaitas Prequalification of Suppliers 2018
Closing Date 2018-12-11 23:55:00
Additional Details Unaitas Sacco Supplier Registration for the Period 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020
Status Qualification Envelope Evaluation
Closing Date 2018-12-11 23:55:00


Download these documents to offer you more details before or during the bidding process

Requisite Documents

These are set of documents that you are expecte to upload before you submit bid

  • Company Profile - Company Profile pdf
  • Certificate of incorporation - Certificate of incorporation or registration pdf
  • Business Permit - Current trade license or business permit pdf
  • Audited Accounts for 2 years - Audited Accounts for 2 years zip
  • VAT Certificate - VAT Certificate pdf
  • Tax Compliance Certificate - Tax Compliance Certificate from Revenue Authority pdf
  • Company PIN - Company PIN pdf
  • Organogram - Organizational structure of your business pdf
  • Evidence of Physical Location of Business Premise - Lease agreement, Title deed or contract showing evidence of physical premise pdf
  • CR12 - CR12 - Certificate of returns to the Registrar of Companies pdf
  • Letters of Recommendation - Letters of recommendation from your corporate/major clients - Maximum 6 letters zip
  • Purchase Orders and Contracts - Purchase orders or Contracts obtained in the last 2 years - Maximum 5 documents zip
  • Declaration Form - Print Declaration Form under downloads, sign, stamp, scan and upload pdf
  • Code of Conduct - Print Code of Conduct under downloads, sign, stamp, scan and upload pdf
  • CVs of Directors and Senior Management - Zipped CVs of Directors and Senior Management zip
  • CRB Report - CRB (Credit Reference Bureau) report for the business or company obtain within the last 3 months pdf
  • Professional Certificates - Professional certificate, manufacturers authority, distribution licences needed for you to provide goods, services or works under category applied for. zip


As a supplier, select the categories that fit your business model

  • Provision of Hotel, Accommodation and Conferencing Services
  • Supply and delivery of office utilities (e.g. milk ,sugar, bottled water, detergents, and toiletries)
  • Provision of Air Travel Agency Services – IATA/KATA Registered Firms
  • Provision of General Cleaning and sanitary, Fumigation and pest control services
  • Provision of asset valuation services
  • Provision of auctioneering services
  • Provision of debt collection services
  • Provision of Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Services
  • Supply of Office Equipment including Computers, Laptops, photocopiers, printers, scanners , UPS and other related ICT hardware & accessories, Printer and Photocopier Toners
  • Supply of Servers, Software and networking equipment
  • Supply and maintenance of PABX ,telephone and telecommunication equipment inclusive of spares and related accessories
  • Installation and service of network equipment’s and structured cabling
  • Supply and Maintenance of ICT Security and Access Control CCTV, Access Control Devices, Biometric Equipment, Alarm Systems.
  • Supply and Maintenance of Software and Licenses , Office Applications, Microsoft Licenses, Anti-Virus
  • Provision of Internet Services and cloud services
  • Provision of Legal Services-litigation & Conveyancing
  • Supply of General Stationery and pre-printed office stationery and rubber stamps
  • Supply of Office Furniture, furnishings and Fittings including window blinds
  • Supply, servicing and repair of safes, strong room doors cash boxes and cash
  • Supply and servicing of generators
  • Supply and servicing of inverter based backup systems
  • Supply and servicing of money counting machine (notes and coins) and fake money detectors
  • Supply and Maintenance of Fire Equipment, Power and Cooling Equipment: Air Conditioners, Fire Extinguishers, Automatic Fire Suppression Systems, Smoke Detectors
  • Supply of printed communication materials including newsletters, magazines , financial reports, calendars, and diaries
  • Design and Supply of branded promotional materials (T-shirts, Caps, carrier bags, banners, brochures, etc.)
  • Provision of Digital Marketing including, web design, web hosting, Design (Art work) of online branding tools & online advertising
  • Provision of public relations and media communications services
  • Provision of creative artworks and graphic design services
  • Provision of fashion and design including tailoring of branded staff attires
  • Provision of Music, TV and Film production services, Photography & Videography Services
  • Provision of voice recording animation, voice over services
  • Provision of digital communication and signage and outdoor advertising services
  • Provision of Event management, interior decor services and furnishing
  • Provision of media Agency & monitoring (social media, print,& electronic media)
  • Provision of marketing research services
  • Provision of Vehicle Hire Services (buses, tour vans etc.)
  • Provision of guarding/security services
  • Provision of general building Contractors (Major) NCA Registered
  • Provision of general building Contractors (Minor works) NCA Registered
  • Provision of Designed Building Contractors (Lease Models)
  • Provision of architectural services( consortium)
  • Provision of Quantity survey services
  • Provision of Electrical services [subcontract]
  • Provision of plumbing services [subcontract]
  • Provision of minor office maintenance works e.g. Repairs, carpentry, plumbing and electrical
  • Provision of courier/mail delivery services
  • Provision of Garage for Repair and Maintenance of Bank Vehicles